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John Lawson: The Top Three Social Networking Sites You Should Use For Business



Small businesses will benefit much from social commerce marketing. Statistics reveal that most consumers today use social media as reference and guide for their purchasing decisions.

60% of People Say They Discover New Products on Instagram according to new insights from Instagram. That is a massive opportunity for small businesses retailers.

Here are the top three social networking sites you should include in the creation and implementation of your social commerce strategy:

Facebook/Instagram – is still the largest and arguably the most popular social networking site to date.  It is also the business-friendliest.  In fact, this social networking site created Facebook for Business to help entrepreneurs and business-minded persons to benefit the most from social media marketing.

Here’s what you can do when you create a Facebook page for your business – conventional or e-commerce or both: 

Twitter – research shows that Twitter users and followers spend their time on this social networking site to:

  • Discover and find more information about products or services, especially the trends.
  • Listen to what other people have to say about something, whether that is a product or a service.
  • Give their two cents’ worth about any product or service.

To benefit from Twitter as part of your social commerce strategy, consider these:

  • Give more than what you expect to receive.  Follow the 10:1 rule:  help your followers 10 times, and then promote your business once.  Repeat the cycle.
  • Tweet for humans.  Your Twitter followers are most likely to respond favorably to your tweets if they see you as a “real person” instead of a “bot”.
  • Use your twitter to boost your customer service.  Set it up like a help desk where you can answer questions of and provide expert advices to your customers in real time.

LinkedIn – is a social networking site that caters primarily to the world of business.  You will find several business applications from this site.  The sad thing is that small businesses and entrepreneurs are not taking advantage of LinkedIn for their social commerce marketing.

You can use LinkedIn in multiple ways for your commerce, such as the following:

  • Broadcast your expertise to the world.  The most successful businesses online and offline are those that have faces.  Your business must have a face, and LinkedIn enables you to tell the world that you are the right business for your market.
  • Learn more about your competition.  It is a good place to collect information to help you keep up with or stay ahead of your competitors.  You can make crucial decisions based on the gathered information.

These three social networking sites are the forces to reckon with if you wish to benefit from social commerce marketing. Since these sites influence heavily how consumers get to spend their money for commerce, why would you not tap these sites to your advantage?

John Lawson is the best-selling author of “Kick Ass Social Commerce for E-Prenuers” and CEO of ColderICE Media, a business consulting agency. He is an award-winning SMB Strategist, ecommerce expert, sought after Keynote Speaker/Trainer and all around “cool dude.”

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