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JTV: The Unicorn Of Boxing Platforms



Boxing has become the go-to workout. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Shay Mitchell, Chris Hemsworth, Justin Bieber, Khloe Kardashian, and many, many, more are choosing to hit the ring and show off their moves. This is because boxing not only increases muscular stature and physical strength, it can also help balance the mind. 

In today’s times, everyone is looking for an escape, and boxing can do just that for you. That’s why Jeremiah Maestre set out on a mission to share his passion with the world, one way being through his business, JTV. 

Who Is Jeremiah Maestre?

Jeremiah grew up playing basketball in California. It wasn’t until he didn’t get the chance to play collegiate basketball that he discovered mixed martial arts. After diving into the world of MMA, it led him to his true passion, boxing. He loved the fact that it is all about skill, repetition, mind-body connection, and technique. 

He moved to New York City to pursue a career in boxing where he competed in big NYC amateur boxing tournaments like Golden Gloves in Times Square and Pure Breed in the Bronx. He also trained at the iconic Gleason’s Gym- arguably the world’s most famous boxing gym, having trained everyone from Muhammad Ali to Floyd Mayweather Jr. He not only focused on his own career as an athlete, but also a coach. His true passion lies in teaching the sport through group and private classes and helping other trainers develop the skills necessary to become excellent coaches themselves. Since moving to NYC, Jeremiah has helped over 70 instructors. 

He’s on a mission to introduce the world to authentic boxing, using it to elevate people mentally and physically. 

What is JTV? 

Virtual fitness is one of the biggest wellness trends we will see in 2021, and JTV is the destination for virtual boxing. JTV offers classes through virtual instructions, and we’re not talking like the days of Richard Simmons or Jillian Michaels. Through entertaining, stylish, and informative classes you will break a sweat and learn the intricacies of boxing through your desired platform (TV, tablet, even your phone). 

JTV not only offers live classes, but also full access to a video library of on-demand boxing workouts, beginner boxing tutorials, and personal drills all taught by Jeremiah Maestre.

The digital classes allow you to work in a sweat session in the comfort of your home, and at a time that works best for you. You can exercise at any time of the day, all you need to do is roll out of bed, or minimize that Excel sheet, or maybe put a show on for the kids, and start your workout. 

Getting in a workout session is important as it can serve as a stress reliever. Let your emotions eat up those feel-good endorphins and reset your mind, body, and soul. These virtual classes will not only help you connect with others but also connect with your inner self. You will be astonished by what you can achieve from your living room.  

Why You Should Try Boxing

Boxing is an incredible exercise. You get a full-body workout, gain strength, and increase endurance. One of the lesser-known things about boxing is that it’s also great for your mental health. The benefits are significant and offer another reason to sign up for JTV. These are some of the mental health benefits you can expect to enjoy when you take up boxing

Stress Relief

When you work out, your body releases endorphins. Endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine. After you workout, it can be accompanied by a positive and energizing outlook on life. So, when you’re stressed, or not quite feeling like yourself, boxing is a great way to add some happiness to your life. 

Improved Self-Esteem 

One of the most straightforward benefits of boxing is that it makes you feel more confident in yourself. Boxing has a practical application, so it’s a great way to learn skills that allow you to take care of yourself. It will help make you feel more powerful mentally and give you the fighting spirit to enable you to deal with any of life’s more challenging situations. 


You have to be aware and focused on the moment when learning boxing techniques. This will translate to your life outside the ring as well. Boxing teaches you to channel your thoughts so you can tune out distractions and sources of stress. It is a great way to leave your worries behind. 

The virtual fitness market size is set to exceed 30 billion dollars by 2026, according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Not only is there no better time to take classes, but if you’re a trainer, you should be creating classes. Jeremiah not only shares his knowledge of boxing as a sport but also as a coach. Launching soon is that will be a valuable resource for any coach who wants to learn how to launch their online class career. 

There’s no better time than now to subscribe to JTV. Whether you’re looking for mental toughness or a more toned body, boxing is your sport, and Jeremiah Maestre is your teacher. Boxing has helped him become the man he is today. Even through adversity, he has made a name for himself in the boxing world and seeks to share his knowledge with anyone willing to take the dive with him. He believes everyone should share their passions and beliefs with the world, and that’s exactly what he’s set out to do.  

For more information, you can visit or Click Here to talk with Jeremiah Directly.

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