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Kendall Ananyi, Tizeti Providing Exceptional Internet Solutions



Kendall Ananyi, the chief executive officer of Tizeti, has garnered popularity for his remarkable works in Africa. The internet has made the world a village, and today people can share information from all cycles of the globe. Particularly, finding the best internet provider can be daunting, but if you are lucky to have a reputable company like Tizeti, then you can rest assured of the most affordable and excellent unlimited internet services. 

Although Tizeti is based in Africa, you can quickly recognize the popularity of the company even in the few countries they operate, like Ghana and Nigeria. The company has thrived for being innovative as well as providing affordable services.

For instance, Tizeti’s plans are cheap compared to capped mobile data plans, with a difference of 30-50%. Their primary focus is providing internet services to small businesses, enterprises, and residential areas. 

Tizeti’s Advantage

When it comes to internet solutions, there are numerous players in the market. Beating the competition is not a walk in the park, and excellent strategies must be put in place. What has put Tizeti ahead of competitors is the affordable cost of internet plans. This has worked well for the company given customers’ ever-changing needs, from sending emails or browsing to watching videos. 

Performing these activities can be expensive, especially when you are using mobile data plans. As for Tizeti, you don’t have to nervously monitor data usage. It’s relatively cheap, allowing you to complete different tasks at an affordable rate. The company keeps innovating new approaches to operating the internet infrastructure, enabling them to offer cheap services.

One of the approaches is using solar-powered wireless towers to cut power costs and reduce the use of diesel generators. Some parts of Africa lack reliable power; thus, the solar towers are a significant step for the business. On the other hand, the innovation has helped conserve the environment as the company eliminates fossil fuel usage to power its systems. 

Kendall Ananyi’s Advice for New Businesses

Kendall Ananyi believes that giving customers priority and listening to their feedback can boost the productivity of a startup. He also emphasizes that it is recommended for new ventures to launch their business immediately once they have their products ready. Additionally, he proposes that if a company is capital efficient and lean, it can easily hit its goals.

All the same, Kendall Ananyi acknowledges that there are challenges in every business sector, and when the times get rough, an entrepreneur must be resilient. Kendall Ananyi sees the importance of seeking support from other investors during difficult times.  He believes that they are the best people who can give candid advice and provide amicable solutions.

The business environment changes fast, and Kendall Ananyi has made sure that he stays abreast of things by following business news in all media outlets. In fact, he spends most of his time watching the business news on television every day. The visionary tech entrepreneur sees technology as a good thing that has helped connect family, friends, and business players, keeping them informed, especially during the pandemic. 

If you want to become a great leader Kendall Ananyi says that you must provide a clear business vision and build a good business culture. Additionally, great entrepreneurs create SMART goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. Every business goal must be written down unless it is just a wish. A well-written business goal is clear to ensure that everybody understands the requirements of the business.

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