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KetoIndia : Patient Engagement Platform for Chronic Care Management



KetoIndia is a Patient Engagement Platform that helps clients manage their chronic issues like diabetes, PCOS, thyroid, weight loss, etc. through a combination of:

–       Diet

–       Data-Backed Clinical Trials &

–       Supplementation

The platform complements the standard of care in a noninvasive manner and helps in increasing the efficacy of the standard of care.

KetoIndia has built an AI-based technology that helps to automate the creation of a personalized care protocol that gets excellent results! The care protocol consists of personalized dietary, supplementation recommendations that are cumulative of a person’s:

–       Health background

–       Meal preferences

–       Macro and micronutrient requirements

–       Genetic mutation

KetoIndia was founded by Sahil Pruthi. He is an Engineering Graduate from NSIT, and an ISSA certified Nutritionist. He has also been a researcher at IEEE, China. Prior to KetoIndia, he has worked as,

–       Product Manager at some of the top startups in India like Innovaccer, TravelTriangle. 

–       Software Developer at Kronos Inc. (Fortune 500 Company) and Samsung Research India, Bangalore.

There’s a huge gap in the market where the management for chronic care issues where the standard of care is not personalized for an individual. The right kind of nutrition, supplementation, clinical trial recommendations personalized basis on a person’s genetic mutation, health background, eating preferences is where KetoIndia steps in.

They help clients right from the right care protocol, to help them better manage their chronic care issues so that they are kept at bay.

The Cofounder and crew had a discussion with Sahil Pruthi and here is the summary of the discussion.

How did this idea strike you? 

The idea struck us when I had someone close in my family who was diagnosed with a tumor in the brain, and while going through their treatment protocol, I realized how incomplete the standard of care is!

Doctors were very quick to prescribe only the standard of care without taking note of the nature of the disease, took very little note of the patient’s lifestyle, had very little idea about nutrition and how it could help. This is where I realized there was a huge information gap, a gap of integrative care protocol, which is what we at KetoIndia decided to fill.

What is the biggest challenge you faced as an entrepreneur while establishing your startup?

Quitting the job, starting the company all alone, looking to get initial traction for the company was one of the biggest challenges.

How did you overcome it?

We got our initial traction by posting extremely high-quality content on our Instagram page, which added value to the lives of our audience.

We organically grew significantly on our Instagram page, and that is what helped us get our initial few clients. As our clients began getting results, we began getting a significantly high amount of traction through repeat/referrals. There has been no stopping back ever since.

What is the biggest learning so far in your entrepreneurial journey?

–   Plan your decisions with patience and execute fiercely.

–   Try to build your company in a way where the company continues to function without you being in the picture. The role of an entrepreneur should only be to working on strategizing the roadmap ahead and on solving the execution blockers. The more your role is only limited to being the one building a kickass roadmap, the better the chances are for the company to grow exponentially.

Who is your mentor/role model? What’s the best lesson you learned from them?

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon. I’ve always followed an important framework that has helped me take various decisions in my life. Jeff calls it the “regret minimization framework”, and I believe it is one of the best frameworks to live life by.

He says that if you’re confused about taking any decision in life, extrapolate yourself to the age of 80 and think if you would regret taking the decision that you’re confused about. If the answer is Yes, then you should take that decision that you’re confused about.

Life, I believe, is about optimizing your happiness and the regret minimization framework works beautifully in this aspect.

What’s your revenue model?

Our model has been a subscription-based revenue model, where we help our clients with a personalized care protocol.

The journey so far (When you launched, how is the traction so far?) 

We are a team of 30 people in varied divisions like technology, nutrition, business development, content, and digital marketing. We do the traffic of over a million users per month on all our social platforms and have helped over 3000 clients from 16 states in India and 25 countries across the globe in the past year better manage their chronic care issues.



What are your future plans with your startup?

We plan to now productize and build a more detailed patient engagement product for both the patients that helps them understand their chronic illnesses better and is the one-stop solution to help them better manage their chronic illnesses better.

The product shall give them a holistic view of their illnesses and it will keep them in the loop with the right stakeholders, give them information on the right care protocol that helps them manage their chronic illness better.

Have you raised any external funding?

We currently are a profitable bootstrapped company. We plan to raise funds in about 3-6 months from now.

Give us a brief about your market/domain?

The chronic care management space in India is a huge market. India has over 77 million diabetics in India, over 120 million women with PCOS, over 42 million people with thyroid, and over 30 million people with obesity issues.

Core issues for various chronic problems like insulin resistance, inflammation, integrative treatments are not worked on while fixing any chronic issue, which is where KetoIndia comes into the picture.

Who are your competitors?

A weak, sedentary lifestyle and the big pharma is our biggest competitor that for years has been trying to look at chronic care issues as one drug solves all our biggest competitors.

We believe the future of chronic care management shall be through personalized care protocols, combined with the right nutrition, lifestyle, supplementation.

How are you planning to outpace your competitors? 

Most of our competitors in the Indian space like HealthifyMe, Curefit, Truweight are only looking at diet as a difference of calories in and calories out while nutrition is a lot more complicated than that and can be used as a treatment of chronic care issues.

We plan to continue using noninvasive integrative care protocol that takes into account various factors to manage chronic care issues better.

What’s your tip for a newbie entrepreneur? 

There are no good or bad ideas, only experiments. If you’re an entrepreneur, chances are you’re trying something new that has not been tried before.

And trying anything new takes time, be willing to give your idea time to execute and shape up. Learn to be patient 🙂

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DOMAIN: Healthcare

FOUNDER: Sahil Pruthi



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