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Kevin Koch – Transforming People’s Lives For The Better As A Business And Lifestyle Coach



Kevin has proved that it’s all about being passionate and dedicated to one’s goals.

Pursue your dreams, chase your passion, and live life to the fullest. Whenever you see motivational blogs, inspiring websites, and entrepreneurs, these seeming cliché of wisdom are always shared. It’s because something is implied by these mantras. These mantras are indeed stressed because they are important for improving your life and professional development. Many workers are truly dreaming “to escape the hassle of a 9-5 workday” and to profoundly deepen their passion as a full-time profession. They want to operate their own company in an area they like but cannot find the best way to achieve this goal. An accomplished coach like Kevin enters the picture to help them by perhaps fulfilling their goals the quickest way possible.

Kevin is a 37-year-old, well-known lifestyle coach and consultant from Paris, currently based in Cincinnati. He is a trained salesman with an established history of working in the area of medical devices. Besides, his expertise in the areas of management, customer care, medical equipment, sales, strategic planning, and Portuguese language. He has spent his last years as a consultant with the prestigious Proctor Gallagher Institute, headed by Bob Proctor, the oldest living legend, who pioneered most of what we know today as the personal development and growth industry.

From the very beginning, Kevin always wanted to follow his passion to start something of his own, this quest led him to quit his regular job to become a coach at the Proctor Gallagher Institute. By coaching, he has helped many people around the world to achieve their dreams as quickly as possible. He says, “High achievers love their success created quickly, not by accident but because they have a coach who can see more than their current situation. If you are committed and ready to change your life in a big way and do it the quickest way possible, then this program is for you. In my opinion, the best person to get advice from is someone who has walked the road. I certainly changed my life by following the principles I have been taught, let it be your turn now, to live the life of your dreams.”

Golden Ticket Coaching has evolved from a lifetime of desire to help people believe in and achieve their goals, dreams, and true potential. It offers programs that are perfect for people looking to grow and develop despite their hectic lifestyles. If a person needs a step-by-step system, along with accountability and regular help, they can do it easily from home to keep them on track of their goals and the changes they want in life. “As your Mindset Coach, I will help you grow your awareness and think like a 1% to live as a 1% and finally reach your full potential spiritually, emotionally, and financially,” says Kevin.

Kevin is an ambitious life coach who loves to see individuals achieve success in their lives by pursuing their dream goals. He helps his clients to strengthen their relationships, jobs, and everyday lives, and can also help people articulate their goals, recognize the challenges that hold them back and build strategies to resolve each barrier.

To know more about Kevin and his coaching programs, visit his website or set up a time to speak with Kevin directly, by visiting

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