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Khaled El Masry Builds A Genderless And Unisex Fashion Community In Egypt



Acquiring an entrepreneurial skill set, especially ones you are very passionate about, cannot be overemphasized. Your passion drives the creativity in you, helps you to generate ideas from a different perspective, and overall, gives you the ultimate gift of happiness. This can be said to the story of Khaled El Masry. The creative genius is proof that learning to develop social skills and their applications plays a major role in achieving success in life.

Khaled El Masry is a young entrepreneur and co-founder of 199X agency, a business he started with a close friend and partner Zeyad ElKadi. The 199X is a digital marketing agency, spanning across the Middle East, and run by young people. 

“The concept of 199X is different, we are all very young and we represent generation Z, which is the digital age,” Khaled said.

Also, Khaled is a plethora of other amazing things like a managing partner at Awkward, a national team swimmer with more than enough local and international experience to his name, an American University in Dubai (AUD) alumnus, a speaker, to mention but a few.  

Newest Development

Presently, Khaled is involved in the development of a fashion community called KIJAQO. Just like all of his endeavors, Kijaqo is a genderless fashion community that is spreading across different regions. So far, Kijaqo has been recognized because of the creativity it espoused. The brand has pushed its marketing drive through the use of social media and employed other non-traditional marketing tools like blogging, the use of Spotify, collaboration with influencers, and so on. This has helped in building a credible platform suitable for all users.

The Kijaqo brand was founded by Khaled as a result of his creative practice. Despite being a young brand, launched at the end of October 2020, Kijaqo has stepped up Cairo’s fashion scene and has received great feedback and patronage. The brand boasts of having reached over a million social media accounts and has received over a thousand orders.

The brand name “kee-yako” intentionally means nothing because Khaled El Masry wanted to show that underneath a seemingly minimal exterior there can be a whole world of meaning. Also, he wanted something that would enable him to follow his creative passion without any hindrances. 

“I wanted to create something very comfortable that still emits an air of luxury. There’s a huge demand in our market for that, and yet not a lot of supply,” Khaled says.

He is passionate about creating a fashion community that will spread across the regions and allows people from different corners of the world to see his creative tendencies.

He further explains that “My objective is to create a community, not just sell a lot”.

How has the Kijaqo fashion brand faired?

Despite Kijaqo’s recent establishment, the brand can boast of achievements that any fashion brand will be proud of at that stage. The brand has spread its unique, tasteful, minimal designs on a different pastel palette and granted thousands of orders. So far, Kijaqo is building and expanding to the GCC in months to come. 

Also, the brand receives several pre-orders for its coming collection. This can be attributed to the success of its earlier fashion venture, “The Collab Collection”, which was released with the assistance of Sharrif Tanyous, a renowned make-up artist. The brand has an online store at, where customers can shop online easily.

In all, it is pertinent to state that Khaled El Masry is changing the norm in the fashion scene with Kijaqo. Also, he is a source of inspiration to others showing them that you can achieve anything you set out to.


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