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Kio Dj is Sharing What He Have With His Funs



The multi-award Latin Dj Kio known as the reggaeton pioneers in Colombia and Dj of celebrities, whose real name is Diego bolivar is trending in the last days to give away a lot of money in “stars” to other streamers in Facebook gaming.

In a parallel world where this pandemic would not have existed, We could see him as a Dj in the best clubs in Dubai, making new music, having fun with all his famous friends, or recording songs for his new album but the reality is different and the ambassador of reggaeton in middle east know it, now we can see him having fun going live on his Facebook and giving away money to other streamers just for sing, dance, drink water or just lose the game they’ve been playing for several hours.

Facebook Gaming has grown exponentially over the last year. With more and more people viewing the platform, there are several ways that content creators can monetize their page but giving away money to have fun with another streamer without them knowing that Kio Dj is there is different, unique, and fun to watch especially the reactions when they find out all the money that he is giving away for something simple.

But this does not stop here, in the last days we saw him gathering 9 streamers with a lot of views in life to play “among us” with him Just because he was bored, and for many people to play with some famous streamers is almost a dream come true but he made things look so easy that in less than 1 hour he was playing with the top streamers in Facebook gaming. one of the words that he always repeats is “I do not this for visits or get more followers, I just want to have fun and most importantly I want all the people that are watching us have fun for a moment Even with the tragedy of the pandemic, I believe they can, plus I will make fun of you guys in my next video.” And after a while, he posts a video resume with memes making fun of them.

While the pandemic caused the entertainment to be cancelled in the Middle East for a few months, the future is a bit uncertain for most musicians and entertainers, there will always be ways to stay on the scene and Kio DJ does not stop entertaining his followers either with music or making other people happy.

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