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Krazymut Is Gaining A Ton Of Attention With His Release “I Want It”



Krazymut is making a name for himself! From Nothing To Something Big

Krazymut began pursuing his music as an actual career and began his journey not too long ago.  Since starting his musical journey he has not let up. His music resonates with anyone who listens to his content. He knows that staying consistent and focusing on himself is always key. Your only competition is yourself. Krazymut keeps a level head and keeps pursuing his passion no matter what anyone else has to say about it. In an industry that is always changing he is able to adapt rather easily and swiftly. He is a versatile artist with a big sound. 

Krazymut New Single I Want It – On All Platforms (Official Music Video)

His single “ I Want It” has been reaching astronomical numbers and right now it is surpassing 140,000 streams on Spotify alone. The song is an instant vibe. The video for this song is also on YouTube and has reached 10,000 views within a 24 hour period. Krazymut now has a new track titled “Steppin On Necks” that is currently unreleased. This year his main focus is to reach 1 million streams with one of his releases and reach 10k subscribers on YouTube. He states ” I have learned on my journey to always be patient. The time will come and never give up and stay consistent.” Krazymut is determined and destined for greatness this year and will obtain it and stop at nothing to reach his goals. Be sure to stream his latest content and follow his journey. Krazymut is ready to take his talents to the next level, with an audience expanding worldwide. 

Follow Krazymut on His Journey

Follow Krazymut on his official Twitter Account. Also follow him on Instagram and help him reach his next milestone of 30,000 followers.



Stream his hit new single recently released and watch the video for “I Want It” here on YouTube

Produced by WoodPecker Camera man – @YawnFilmz Stream/download – Make sure you like, comment and subscribe for more!!! Follow Krazymut:……… Subscribe to Krazymut #KrazyWorld

“Started from the bottom i started with a penny” “look at me now i’m bout to take off like a rocket 🚀 ship neck wrist green like championship” vvs stones they be dripping 💧 “started from the bottom i started with a penny” “look at me now i’m bout to take off like a rocket 🚀 ship neck wrist green like championship” vvs stones they be dripping 💧 “

Will Krazymut be the next star to make it to a million streams ? 

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