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KYSTAR Is Now the Most Popular Digital Football Media Company in India



KYSTAR is a digital football media company that is loved by millions of football fans around the world. It was launched by Koray Yalcin back in 2014 and within few years of its inception, it has become an official international digital football media company. In recent years KYSTAR saw its popularity rising in India.

Football is unarguably the most popular game in the world and billions of people turn up to watch it every week. There already are well-established sports media companies and to start a new media network would require support from huge corporations and an aggressive marketing push. However KYSTAR did none of those things, yet not only found success but also inspiring other media companies with its innovative and unique way of creating content. Started as a YouTube channel, in the beginning, Koray used to share short videos of the finest in-game moments as well fun behind the scene stuff. Within a year it was launched, the channel went viral and football fans around the world rallied to watch content from KYSTAR. After achieving initial success with his YouTube channel, Koray decided to further promote the channel on different social media platforms and within 5 years, KYSTAR was an official digital football media company. KYSTAR has now an official presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Football has always been popular among European and South American countries but now its popularity is rising very quickly in Asian countries too. India is one such country that has hardcore football fans and they always have strived to find regular updates regarding the latest games and their football icons. The audience-friendly outlook of the KYSTAR company and its constant commitment to the quality of content has made the network a preferred choice for Indian football fans. The unique online presence of KYSTAR made it one of the groundbreaking digital football media networks in the world. Its popularity is constantly rising in India and now it is being officially recognized as a most fan favourite football media network in the country. The reason behind the innovative approach of KYSTAR is that its founder, Koray Yalcin is a long time football fan. His original motive behind his channel was to express his love for the sport and he always has worked for KYSTAR as a fan rather than a company owner. Even today, the content of KYSTAR are raw, unedited and fans oriented. KYSTAR is the perfect example of how a fan can use his passion in constructing a way to produce something their followers can also enjoy. In future, KYSTAR has plans to promote their network more in India and it may even lead to the creation of a regional media dedicated to India. According to Koray, the support from the Indian football fan community has been instrumental in the regional success of KYSTAR. This revolution in media is indeed the future of sports media entertainment and there a lot, one can learn from KYSTAR.

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