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Lanora Wyatt’s Transformative Journey Through Health and Fitness



Lanora Wyatt’s Transformative Journey Through Health and Fitness

With the proliferation of social media posts containing images of people with nice bodies, it is easy to assume that the drive behind maintaining a good physical appearance is only for vanity. However, this is a complete misconception. 

Lanora Wyatt, a former member of the U.S. Navy and Army, a Human Resources professional, and a Certified Master Trainer (CMT) through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), is here to share her perspective on overall wellness. According to Lanora, there are 3 M’s that are essential to staying fit in every aspect of your life: mindset, motivation, and movement. 


Many people tend to give up when they don’t immediately notice apparent changes in their bodies and this results in the lack of motivation to continue exercising. However, toned bodies and sculpted muscles do not happen overnight; achieving them requires rigorous workouts and strict diets. All of these are fueled by a growth mindset to attain your health and fitness goals. Having this type of thinking can allow anyone to shine in any sphere. Everyone is born with innate attributes and abilities, but the improvement of these natural assets will only happen on your own accord. A growth mindset leads to flourishing results, externally and internally. 


It is worth noting that overall wellness is not limited to having a good physique and great strength. Being healthy and fit encompasses emotional and mental aspects as well. Working hard and exerting effort to achieve your desired results are important factors, but it becomes more meaningful when it is rooted in specific motivations. Your motivations can range from trivial reasons, such as wanting to prove to your friend that you can complete a workout session with him or her, to deeper causes, such as the sustainment of a healthy lifestyle. 


Aside from the cognitive processes you undergo, it is essential that you incorporate these with mobility. As mentioned, exercising and following workouts that fit your needs are inevitable to achieve your health and fitness goals. Thoughts and ideas remain futile when not realized, therefore, you should get up and move! Regular physical activity contributes to the increase of muscle strength and boosting endurance. Moreover, research has shown that this helps in reducing anxiety, depression, and negative mood by improving your self-esteem. That said, it is undeniable that prioritizing fitness allows for self-improvement. 

If you want to learn more about overall wellness, you can reach Lanora Wyatt and Fitness by Nori through:


Instagram: @fitnessbynori




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