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Lensa Eases Glut In Job Market Through Workstyle Game Tests



The recruitment firm, Lensa, has provided a solution to the problem in the job market both for the recruiter and applicants through its Workstyle Game.

The Workstyle Game is the only such method in the world to remove job market mismatch developed in-house by the team of Lensa using Artificial Intelligence (IA). It is proving to be particularly useful for the job market because of the COVID-19 outbreak that has rendered thousands of people jobless because of the unprecedented health crisis.

This unique method eases the stages of recruitment thus benefiting the companies and also helps applicants evaluate their status regarding their suitability for a particular job. On knowing their capabilities vis-à-vis a particular job, they know whether they are fit for it or not. Subsequently, they can concentrate on jobs that match their skills and expertise.

The CEO of Lensa, Gergo Vari said explaining the practical utility of the Lensa Workstyle Game throughout the world that it immensely helps the recruiters to select the right kind of hands they are searching from among thousands of applications.

All recruiters currently are facing terrible problems due to a very large number of applicants for a particular job. They often cannot select the hands as zeroing in on the perfect candidate or nearly perfect candidate becomes a very difficult job due to an excessively large volume of applicants.

In this regard, the Workstyle Game comes as a ready solution. Under this AI-based scientific system of Lensa, employers can find the right type of candidates for their vacancies. At the same time, job seekers can also apply in selected places after knowing their professional expertise. This helps them to apply only in those companies whose job specification matches ditto with their set of skills and areas of expertise.

Gergo Vari said the Workstyle Game developed by Lensa provides a major benefit to employers as it lists out the individual capabilities of candidates regarding specific skills of the job. Here, the exact need of employers is addressed totally.

Due to frequent lockdowns and suspension of production activities of industries, a very large number of employees were rendered jobless. A large number of employees were thrown out of their regular jobs. Naturally, the number of job seekers rose greatly creating massive gluts in the job market.

This affected the selection procedure of companies. The recruiters faced multiple problems regarding the review of a very large number of resumes, short-listing candidates, interviewing them, and selecting them as per requirement.

It consumed time, energy, and money besides posing the problem of how to select the right candidate from among a very large number of them. This problem now stands solved with the help of Workstyle Game, an innovative scientific method to remove the job market mismatch.

Workstyle Game of Lensa uses AI to bring to fore the expertise and skills of job seekers through a unique type of screen-based scientific test conducted through gaming. The job seekers are asked to reach a particular object from among the moving nodes around a screen.

It is up to the candidate seeking a job to take up to 400 measurements per second. It depends on how they act which reflects their capabilities. This test by Lensa clarifies not only how a job seeker performed but how he or she managed to play.

Under this system, several factors are taken into consideration regarding the candidate while engaged in the game. It is examined how often the job seeker touched the mouse pad and if he or she left the test in the middle of the game? It is also noted if the candidate made several attempts to play the game.

These factors are then analyzed to understand the mental aptitude of the candidate and their skillfulness in handling particular situations in the game.

Workstyle Game is useful for the job seekers also as they can use the test results of Lensa as an added document regarding their skill-sets with the resume. Moreover, they also know about their expertise and also the jobs that perfectly match their skill-sets.

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