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Lil Hudak is a popular music artist from Cleveland, Ohio who is on the come up. After dropping his hit song called “Just Wait” and then releasing another banger called “Helpless” his numbers have only been going up. With his brand new song getting just over 10,000 streams in only a week, his social following of over 25,000 people I’m Instagram, and recently getting verified on TikTok being viewed as a celebrity, he may be someone you want to check out so you can be talking about him before he takes over the music industry.

Lil Hudak says his city, Cleveland plays an important role to him. Not many artists or influencers come from this area, or Ohio in general. He is trying his best to become known, so he can show his city they are great and hopefully encourage more from the area to get out and make a name for themselves. Trippie Redd, the very popular rapper from Ohio, has also played a role on him, showing that if he can do it, so can Lil Hudak.

When working with others Lil Hudak has a very different approach because he says it feels like they are in it with you, and you have more support from who you are working with, that could not be any better.

Lil Hudak’s music is a sad rap genre which really hits the heart and mind of the listeners. His music tends to be relatable and expresses feelings of heartbreak, love, and pain, feelings which we all experience in our lives. When you hear his beautiful vocals with wide range and the way he blends with many other artists, you can truly see how he is different and unique from all the others in the hip hop community. Lil Hudak is possibly the next big thing to watch for in the hip hop community.

Lil Hudak is planning to make a music video to his brand new song, and has more plans to drop a new album this summer of 2021. He wants all of his fans to know you can be anything you want no matter what anyone thinks. “The haters will be in your dm’s when you finally are doing something great.” says Hudak in a recent interview. We know Lil Hudak will strike the hearts of new people.

You can connect with Hudak Social Media here:

Instagram: @lilhudak

TikTok: @lilhudakmusic

Spotify: Lil Hudak

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