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Logmore’s Niko Polvinen on Delivering Better Data to Logistics Condition Monitoring



Logistics is one of the most important aspects of modern business. In an interconnected world with supply chains that span the globe, every advance in logistics is an advance in worldwide commerce.

Logmore is a company that helps supply chains run more smoothly, tracking data related to packages’ conditions while in transit and making this information available to stakeholders at every step of the process. Niko Polvinen, co-founder and CEO of the company, talked to me about what the business is like and what Logmore is bringing to the table for worldwide supply chains.

What is Logmore, exactly?

Logmore is the solution to find out the truth about cargo conditions. 

We use data monitoring to make sure that when goods are moved from place to place, the people who have a business interest in the integrity of those goods gain transparency into what’s happening. This is important in all industries, but it’s especially important in cases where products are especially fragile or volatile, so we track temperature, humidity, light, tilting and jostling. This matters a lot for goods like pharmaceuticals, electronics, and food.

We collect this data through small devices called Guardians, which have LCD screens on them, displaying a constantly changing QR code. This way, the Guardians can send the information they collect to our secure databases any time someone scans the QR codes using a simple smartphone. 

Our Logmore Cloud software and network allow these Guardians to upload data to one place where it can be collated and used for decision making, both on a macro and a micro level. In other words, you can monitor individual shipments as well as learning the flow of your supply chain as a whole and spotting problems, choke points and inefficiencies as they appear.

What distances Logmore from its competitors? What do you do differently?

We make data collection easier. With the Guardians, supply chains are more resilient, more able to deal with shocks and problems that might otherwise cause slowdowns or stoppages. 

This allows you to know whats happening as it happens, as opposed to learning later on. That empowers you to react quicker to problems. Every kink in the supply chain can cause millions of dollars in losses — especially for larger companies that ship in high volume.

Our solution is the only one of its kind that works with dynamic QR codes, a system devised by my co-founder, Antti Tapio. The whole system is built with high security in mind. But the key to it is bringing everything together in one. The data is securely collected where it can be analyzed to find further efficiencies and quality assurance.

Our app interface, Logmore Cloud, puts data into two different categories: individual shipment and operational macro. With these, you can both make sure shipments are running smoothly individually and figure out where you need to make changes as a whole.

How did Logmore come to be? What brought you to this point?

Logmore came about because we wanted to let the goods that are moved around the world tell their story. 

Each package has a story. By telling it, we can change supply chains around the world. We can reduce waste, save lives and improve the way goods are shipped across the globe.

Our vision is to create a better supply chain by giving people the information they need about what their packages are doing. That information lets them make better decisions. And hopefully at that point we can make the supply chain both more efficient and more resilient.

Whats on the horizon for Logmore? What can your customers expect?

We are digging into the software side deeper to add features, continually trying to bump up the scope of what we can offer. Were constantly trying to add new visualizations and ways to view the data we provide. That bleeds over into analytics, where were trying to broaden the scope of the tools we have to make sense of data. And we want to continue adding more features as well.

Were also working on miniaturizing our Guardian devices. Theyre already palm-size, but we believe we can make them even smaller, and were hoping to roll out these new models within the next 12 to 24 months. Making the devices smaller while keeping the same capabilities is a win-win for both us and our customers.

Again, Logmore is about building a more effective, efficient supply chain. The more data we can put in the hands of decision-makers and the more tools we give them to make sense of that data, the better off we all will be.

For those interested in learning more, wheres the best place to connect?

Our website is the best place to connect. has more information on what we do, what makes us different and the process by which we make supply chains better.

You can look at our blog to see some specifics on how our platform works as well as general articles on current and future supply chain trends. And if youre interested in having a conversation about how Logmore could help your business specifically, you can schedule a time to learn more about the service with us on a one-on-one basis.

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