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Look for Ways to Achieve Success Without Excuses: Korab Kozgori’s Formula For Success



In life there are many ways you can achieve success, some may be more effective than others, but there is one that does not fail. This is to set great goals for yourself and not to make excuses for achieving them. So Korab Kozgori has achieved success in his career, and today we will know his story to learn how to apply his methods and strategies.

Korab’s life has always been linked to business and entrepreneurship. Since he was young he has been passionate about the business world, and his first big success was with a fashion company. For 8 years he achieved excellent results and took his clothing company to grow exponentially. Then he received a great offer for the company and decided to sell it.

Thanks to that he retired for a while and together with his wife he went to Peru to spend some time. Being in his retirement and enjoying the beautiful landscapes of the Inca lands, he sees an opportunity to start a business again. He realizes that his skills are ideal to achieve a great dream in Network Marketing.

He had always wanted to help others achieve their goals, with that goal in mind he becomes one of the founders of Delta, one of the most recognized network marketing companies in his region. Always with his goal as his great purpose, he has dedicated himself to changing the lives of thousands of families with his work. Excuses are not for him, and he has overcome great obstacles in his path.

Overcoming Great Challenges

When Korab talks about not making excuses, he means not letting yourself be defeated by the challenges that will come your way. For him the language was especially difficult, for the business of Network Marketing communication is vital, because it is in this way that you can get the results.

This did not stop Kozgori’s intentions it was just an impulse to be a better person in every way. This is how he added a new language to his repertoire, as he already mastered 4 languages. Korab, who never stopped to think that he could not achieve what he had set out to do, has always gone forward, focused on achieving the best results.

This is a fundamental part of the success of any entrepreneur. You must be mentally prepared for the goal, knowing that along the way you will get there with challenges that will test your determination to succeed. But all this will only make you grow more because every challenge overcome is a learning process on your way to success.

It Doesn’t Matter Where you Come From, But Where You Want To Go 

You can start a new venture from any point. Some people believe that having money is the only way to succeed, and this is not true. Korab says that it is only necessary to have a definite idea and work on it hard enough until it materializes.

In Kozgori’s case, he has always known what his motivation is, and that is to help others. Sometimes he has started from scratch, as was the case with Delta, who without knowing the place where he was, nor the language could succeed. Always focused on the goal and not making excuses in his way.

Currently, Korab earns 500,000 dollars, all that starting from scratch. He knows that it doesn’t matter where he started from, as long as he is clear about where he wants to go. He desires to continue growing and helping his entire team to grow with him. He is one of the leaders of the most recognized marketing networks in his country and surroundings.

What this young entrepreneur wants is to inspire and continue serving others. His purpose is to impact as many lives as he can. Through social networks, he gets his message to more than 100 thousand people and he wants to keep growing.

The lessons of his story are simple but powerful. They are filled with a message of strength and persistence. Wherever you are, it’s a good place to start on your path to financial freedom. Lack of money is a common excuse that you must remove from your thinking if you want to be successful. 

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