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Louis Albanese Creates Millions In Passive Income for His Clients



Who knew that building Amazon stores for other companies could be so lucrative? Louis Albanese understands that time is a valuable commodity and helps thousands of store owners start-up and run their store with Amazon Freedom. Louis has the heart to help others live healthier and freer: from starting in pre-med to shifting into an entrepreneurial role that helps others live out of abundance. He met the right people in 2020 and began on the e-commerce platform that was ahead of its time. Since then, he has done very well for himself, having turned $10,000 into over $1 million.

How it began

Louis is a businessman that does not boast or work with pride being the forefront or a need for greed and “give me, give me”! He works with a group of entrepreneurs on building Amazon platforms for others that are turning over millions. When they started, they didn’t know what incredible e-commerce idea that they had. It was created for the stock market but then it went in a completely different direction and has created multiple avenues of investment opportunities for the team, themselves and their clients.

The company

The company is unique in that it truly brings passive income to its clients. Passive income, when worked correctly allows you to sleep easier. Imagine it as a cushion that keeps getting plumper and produces more cushions while you carry on about your daily life, for the entire 24 hours a day. Louis and his team have members helping clients purchase dream homes, watches, cars and even the long-saved-for engagement ring for their incredible life partners!

Within this sphere of influence, he met a now dear friend, Anthony Nuara. Since then they have become like brothers, have continued to support each other and have greatly impacted each other’s motivation, drive and determination. Louis Albanese sees himself as a person that goes for the best and so produces the best. With a good environment around you and similar minds, you can do anything that you put your mind to. Louis seems to invest in himself and others, as such, it is a tip that he would give to everyone!

The future

The future involves many digits for Louis: his financial aim is to make 100 million (that looks like 100 and then 6 zero’s). To others, it’s far fetched- but in the past year working with Amazon Freedom, he sees this to be a reality. He wants to be known for his reliability and the qualities that he brings to a room, the willingness to help, serve and learn.

His core values are central to him and he continues to give himself time to adore family, provide freedom for himself and others and improve his quality of life. He quotes, Albert Einstein as his favorite words of power:

Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.”

In ten years’ he sees himself managing over 5,000 traders and 1,000 e-commerce stores. The company aims to be the largest management company globally. Personally, he sees freedom in taking care of his future family and loved ones.

To learn more and keep up with the fun life of Louis, connect with him online here:

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