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Lourissa Setu: Creating a 6-figure Business Through Merging Spirituality and Business



Many new generation leaders in the entrepreneurial space today are beginning to realise the importance of your inner world being a reflection of your outer world. It is now common knowledge that in order to achieve our deepest desires, our inner world (such as our thoughts and beliefs) must match what it is we want to call in, whether it be a financial, emotional, or physical goal.

While ‘spirituality’ in the past was largely associated with beliefs that are tied closely to religion, many are now realising that spirituality is an organic and natural part of who we are. It is expressed when we connect with our truest and most authentic versions of ourselves.

Lourissa Setu is a 6-figure affiliate marketer, mentor and coach from New Zealand who supports people to transform both their lives and their finances by activating their gifts and highest potential. It is through this that she teaches them inner work, so their outer world can reflect what it is they truly want – without limits.

From humble beginnings to 6-figures as an entrepreneur

It’s easy to look at a successful leader or entrepreneur and think that they were raised by a privileged family and blessed with a perfect life that set them up for success on the road to entrepreneurship.

This wasn’t the case for Lourissa however, who has taken it upon her own self over the last 3 years to create a better future for herself and leave a lasting legacy.

Lourissa grew up in Taihape in New Zealand, a small town with a population of under 2,000 people. Throughout her life she also lived in two small towns called Upper Hutt and Palmerston North, both with populations under 90,000 people.

It was while growing up in humble beginnings in Taihape where Lourissa would explore every inch of her grandparent’s farm, dig for insects, and loved animals and riding her horse. She loved pretending she was on missions, in her own game world, while out on her pony.

As a child, she was adventurous and curious about things most kids wouldn’t think too deep on. She wanted to know how everything worked. She was fascinated by animals, dinosaurs and space. She wanted to know how on earth we as humans got here and how we formed.

Embracing her truest self is her secret to success

In an overly saturated online space of entrepreneurs preaching different tips, tricks, and strategies, it can be easy to get lost amongst the noise. It’s important for us to consider how we can stand out from the crowd in our own unique way – as opposed to using the same cookie-cutter strategies used by the masses.

Lourissa has grown her affiliate marketing business and is now thriving as a 6-figure mentor and coach simply by showing up as the realest, most authentic version of herself. In the process she has attracted hundreds of others who align with her and the unique message she shares with the world.

“Parts of myself I used to hide or be a bit embarrassed by have now become parts I love and which makes my business unique.”

In Lourissa’s business, they are able to show up as their own selves, share their own messages, and their own visions of what is possible. 

Lourissa has never experienced so much inner freedom in her life, and as a result she has seen a ripple effect of greater levels of self-acceptance take place in those around her also.

Success doesn’t come without challenges

What separates those who struggle on the path to success and those who go on to reach great heights in their entrepreneurial journeys is persisting and accepting that challenges will always arise.

One of Lourissa’s biggest challenges she has faced in her journey so far is giving too much of herself to those who are not fully committed to themselves, or they expect her to do all of the work for them. Although it upsets her when people don’t get the results they want, she understands she cannot control other people’s efforts – only they can. 

“I probably do too much for my team and they have it VERY good however, in a way this isn’t all a bad thing because my direct team is growing the fastest in our entire movement.”

Lourissa now makes it a non-negotiable to only work with those who are just as committed to themselves and their future as she is. As a result she now attracts those with a 6, 7 and 8 figure mindset.

You can follow Lourissa on Instagram here.

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