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Lulu Siciliano: Artist, Innovator, Educator



Lulu Siciliano is at the top of the permanent makeup industry. As a co-founder and developer of Microbeau International and Evenflo Colours (two high-end permanent makeup brands), Lulu is an entrepreneur and business mogul. She’s also developed her own personal permanent makeup business over the years with decades of experience in industry-leading and innovative permanent makeup techniques. Now, she’s blending her years of work as an artist and innovator to become the industry’s preeminent educator.

Lulu knew from early on that she was drawn to the world of permanent makeup. She’s been working in the field for years as an artist and creator. She truly loves her craft, loves beauty, and the clients she gets to serve and help through her work. Lulu also loves developing new and improved solutions to permanent makeup needs. Starting her own business was a natural blend of the two passions. 

When Lulu opened Microbeau International, her first permanent makeup business, few artists were truly in control of the machines and tools they were using on a daily basis. Lulu knew the frustrations of working with machinery that wasn’t designed to fit her needs, and she wanted to come up with a better solution. She was tired of permanent makeup equipment being taken for granted by manufacturers, so she created an artist-supervised and designed line of permanent makeup machines that were designed with the needs of both the technician and the client in mind. 

Years later, Lulu continues to expand Microbeau International. More and more artists have begun using her advanced technology machines that offer complete control and customization over the permanent make up process, something that Lulu truly loves to see. “It can be difficult for new permanent makeup technicians to know what good machines are,” says Lulu. “I had the opportunity to learn from talented artists and began believing early on how important new technology, trends, and knowledge are in this business.” She’s been dedicated to bringing that experience to other artists ever since.

Lulu also owns a popular permanent makeup pigment company, Evenflo Colours. Lulu remembers what it was like to found Evenflo, and how hard it was to break into the landscape of permanent makeup. However, she worked hard to get her products directly into the hands of the artists that would be using them, and the personal outreach forged connections and trust between her team and permanent makeup artists that still are strong today.

In her free time, Lulu continues to run her own permanent makeup business, PMU by Lulu. She loves one-on-one contact with both artists and customers and thrives on the intense connection between client and artist that keeps her work going. She’s also begun branching out into education. She wants to help other permanent makeup artists learn the techniques and skills that made her career so successful. 

Lulu knows how being strong, passionate, and even obsessed about permanent makeup can transform your career, and she is committed to making that experience happen for many other artists. Her online classroom offers courses to new artists and professionals in the industry that enhance practical and theoretical skills as well as passing down valuable knowledge about what equipment, techniques, and pigments to trust. There’s much more in store for Lulu Siciliano, but for now, her beauty brand is continuing to dominate as an artist, manufacturer, innovator, and educator in the permanent makeup world.

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