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Luxury Tales : The Success Story of Paris-based Luxury Label Morreale Paris.



Jean Pierre Morreale is a French-Belgian descendant of European nobility dating back over a thousand years. One night, the enigmatic entrepreneur dreamt an ancestor in traditional regalia visited him with an urgent message—restore the family name and crest to greatness. Very protective over his roots and heritage, JP Morreale is often referred as being mysterious, altruistic and very generous but also Hyperactive, focused and result driven which are important qualities for a man who decided to take on the American luxury industry by himself. But how does a tiny French family label led by an invisible man slowly turn into one of the most serious European contender for the US luxury beauty market?

It seems that some of the main factors playing in Morreale’s favor is the way that the company handles their creation process and marketing endeavors. We spoke to Morreale’s Creative Director, Maxime Rancon who told us « Morreale Paris is a brand full of rich history, that appeal to some of the wealthiest people on earth and it is truly our duty to create the highest quality products and content to illustrate that history »

According to J.P Morreale the secret is to « Follow your dreams, observe trends in silence and remain apolitical, so you can act with no fear, great strength and meaning ».

Interesting quote when we know that he created a 170 Oz bottle of perfume covered in 18k gold that sold in 2018 for over US $ 1.5 million to an anonymous buyer!

Morreale’s Product Quality:

The quality and refinement of Morreale’s products is also a reason why customers seems to be coming back. Mr Morreale has dedicated his entire life to the creation of all the wonderful products that make up Morreale Paris and the result is truly magical.

The brand was invited last year by rapper 2 Chainz on Vice’s very popular “The Most Expensivest” to introduce their fragrance to America in the season 3 finale which ended up being the most viewed episode of the season.

Méridien and Renaissance

The flagship fragrances, Méridien and Renaissance are two absolutely timeless and classic scents for her and for him, the beauty collection made up of diamonds face creams and snail extract gel will make anyone’s skin glow with what the brand calls « eternal youth ». We’ve heard from Rancon that Mr Morreale was currently working on a clothing collection including couture and leather that will be teased by the label this year but widely available in 2022.

The mysterious French-Belgian creator J.P Morreale is well on his way to create a worldwide name for himself and his company and if Morreale Paris is able to maintain its growth and development over the next few years it will undoubtedly become a big part of the mainstream luxury scene.

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