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Marketplace Sotheby’s International Realty’s Daniel Dovinh, is Redefining Seattle Real Estate Today



Sotheby’s International was founded in 1744 and became a brokerage in 1955. International Real Estate has become one of the most recognized and respected brands in the world. Associated with luxury, refinement, classic style, and elegance, Sotheby’s regularly hosts listings for some of the most eye-catching and alluring homes, apartments, and lots in the entire world, offering individuals access to one of the most impressive real estate databases possible.

As a brand that is obsessed with high-class presentation, they don’t accept many associates into their program presently. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to be working in tandem with such a global conglomerate that has directly impacted the real estate market in the past, present, and future. (I feel like maybe there could be a good transition or connecting sentence here) That’s why Daniel Dovinh of Dovinh Real Estate is a unique kind of realtor; one who isn’t afraid to redefine industry norms and make a name for himself both in Seattle, as well as on an international scale.

Esteemed Sotheby’s International Exposure

By working with Sotheby’s, Daniel’s Seattle area listings are exposed to 72 countries around the world. Safeguarding his unique approach to hyper-local, full-service, and cutting-edge negotiation skills that have become a bedrock principle for Dovinh Real Estate, Daniel is recognized for his attention to detail, nuances, and local expertise today.

“Our team places special emphasis on technology, communication, marketing, and focus, which we fuse together to create an otherworldly customer service experience,” said Daniel. “For us, a real estate transaction is more than a monetary figure; it’s a representation of a person’s life and the choices they are making in the present moment, whether it’s buying or selling. We take that incredibly seriously in everything that we do.”

Dovinh Real Estate is known for leveraging local expertise and knowledge that come straight from Daniel, who has been a Seattle-native all of his life. Now touted for bringing ‘luxury at every price point, with a brokerage averaging about $1.5 million per listing,’ Daniel is raising the bar and setting standards and expectations for real estate agents around the United States today.

“Luxury is defined by service, not price point,” said Daniel. “With a strong commitment to ensuring that my clients not only know this, but also experience it, I have led the charge in the Seattle real estate market, which is hotter than ever today. I listen to what every single one of my clients needs or wants, regardless of their budget or background. To me, real estate is an intensely personal transaction, and my team has been trained in the art of putting the client before everything else.”

Knowledge is Power

Daniel lives by ‘knowledge is power,’ doing his very best to educate and inform as often as he can. He goes above and beyond to make sure his clients feel cared for and acknowledged, with specialized information tips that only Daniel knows as a passionate Seattle resident.

Above all, Daniel is committed to leveling up his team’s customer service offering today and looks forward to continued collaboration with Sotheby’s International. 

For more information, or to work with Daniel today, visit:

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