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Markus Hetzenegger: NYBA Media is Not Your Basic Agency



Lately, it seems like there are countless newly established marketing companies sliding into your DMs, all claiming to have exactly what you need to scale your business. Whether it’s running Facebook ads, managing social media, or approaching clients directly, there is in fact quite a few things when running a business that makes sense to outsource. When doing so, however, it’s important that you hire someone with a reputation for success. So, if you’re looking for a different approach to scaling your business online, then look no further than NYBA Media. The boutique agency has been making waves recently, and we thought it was only fair to share a bit more about the company, and the man behind it all, Markus Hetzenegger. 

Not Your Typical Background

Markus does not come from your typical entrepreneurial background. Raised in Spain by a working-class family, Markus knew he was cut from a different cloth. Attending school both there and in Germany, he also worked to be top of his class, landing himself a dual training scheme with BMW when he was just a teenager. This didn’t feel like the right career path for him, however, so at the age of 18 he decided to make himself self-employed, armed with nothing but a keen interest in marketing and the desire to build something great. Fast-forward 5 years, Markus has utilized his marketing genius to propel his agency NYBA Media to being the front of mind agency when it comes to creating new markets online. 

Achieving Omnipresence

NYBA is not your typical agency. Instead of focusing on numbers and impressions like most full-service marketing companies, the brand instead focuses its energies on delivering sales and conversions that have a direct and measurable impact on their client’s businesses. “With NYBA Media, we see ourselves as a kind of ad house,” Markus says. “Essentially, we scale our clients’ ventures through online advertising.” Markus and his team are so confident in their ability to do this, that they don’t bill according to hours or project retainers, but according to their results. “The best only wants to deal with the best,” Markus says, “which is why NYBA was set up in this way.” Keeping this in mind, the agency differs in the sense that they only work exclusively with carefully selected clients. 

Shared Values

“We select those who have similar values to ours and create real added value for the end-user,” says Markus. “The selection of customers and employees is very important to us: quality instead of quantity, and is the only way we can be a true partner to our customers and not just a simple service provider,” he states. A sentiment that seems to be reciprocated, as NYBA’s clients include well-established brands like Best Western Hotels, World Club Dome, Canton, RTL II, and many more.

So if you’re looking to outsource your ad strategy, look no further than NYBA Media. With their performance-driven ideas and create innovative strategies, you’ll be gaining so much more than a contractor, you’ll be gaining a partner invested in your business’s success. 

To learn more about the company, or to book a call with Markus or his team, click here

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