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Mayuri Madhav: The Unstoppable Influencer From Delhi



Mayuri Madhav – @mayurimadhav on Instagram – is a Delhi-based influencer who has amassed over 27k followers on Instagram.

Mayuri had always been a bubbly people person and had the ambition to do something big. So, in 2017 she picked up her phone to set up her Instagram account where she documents her journey and uses her platform to raise awareness about a plethora of social issues.

Her journey is an inspiring one. Anyone can set up an account and dream of being a blogger, but not everyone can reach the level of success that Mayuri has.

Why? Because she didn’t rely solely on her passion to take her to the stars. Mayuri carefully plans her posts and collaborations and is a very active and consistent user. She diligently works on all aspects of her blog, focusing on quality content, audience interactions and long-term growth.

Being this hard at work can become exhausting, but Mayuri has that covered as well. Her parents are extremely supportive and always encourage her. About her parents’ Mayuri says, “I’m so thankful to have them. They are my inspiration and I do everything that will make them proud. And they are also my biggest supporters, anything I do, they are right there in the front row cheering for me. They pick me up if I’m feeling sad and give me the courage to keep moving forward and keep battling any and all the hurdles that come up. My mother is such a strong woman, she always has a wonderful smile on her face – no matter how bleak the circumstances are. I look up to her bravado and it helps me keep my chin up, ready to face all the monsters.”

Mayuri believes in taking the bull by the horns. She sees no point in leaving a problem unattended and prolonging the anxiety and damage that problems bring. Whenever she encounters a bumpy road, she takes a moment to assess the terrain and then effectively undertakes actions that will either quickly bring her out of a problematic situation or nip the problem at the bud.

When asked about her plans for the future, Mayuri kept everything under wraps and cheekily said, “You’ll know it, when you see it.”.

Mayuri lives by the words, “With the right mindset, nothing is impossible”, and passes this on as advice to all those who approach her for help. She says, “I think when you have a clear goal in mind, a rational plan, and willingness to give your best – failure will stay far away from you. Success will come running after you, because there aren’t many who dream and then do whatever it takes to achieve these dreams.”

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