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MD Glam brings Anti-Aging Daily Self-care Luxury to Your Home



Aging is feared often because of the illnesses that dovetail a body as it grows older. Recently, however, people are coming under unnatural pressure to extend the youth of their body. While there are examples of individuals who welcome aging with much grace, as they did their youth, these examples are few and far between. So, while the rest of the world comes to match their pace, the interim requires methods to keep aging at bay. This is where cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Cat Begovic, also known as MD Glam, come into the picture. Driven to carve her niche in the so-called taboo subjects, she now brings you her anti-aging self-care kit.

MD Glam skincare line has an exclusive set of skincare products that cater to women battling aging symptoms. Dr. Cat Begovic has become popular among her patients for the way she deals with them. Care and compassion are the cornerstone of healing for her, and cosmetic surgery is no different. She recently launched her MD Glam kit. She believes so much in the power of her kit that she says, “If you put me on a deserted island and allowed me to bring only one thing, it would be this box.” She adds, “Most women spend hundreds of dollars on products that don’t work, or they don’t like. Therefore, I have created a simple set of skincare essentials that is effective.”

Her anti-aging kit is a collection of different creams, cleansers, and scrubs. Talking about her natural exfoliating scrub, she says, “This versatile, facial scrub is expertly infused with naturally exfoliating, pore-perfecting papaya extract. Fruit enzymes decongest pores, reducing excess sebum. Vitamins C and E provide superior antioxidant protection. Healing and hydrating aloe vera imbue your complexion with long-lasting, succulent moisture leaving your skin irresistibly satin-smooth.”

Another addition to her luxury suite is MD GLAM Deep Pore Foaming Cleanser which is “packed with pore-purifying ingredients and rich moisturizing agents designed to leave your skin beautifully balanced, clean, and clear. Vitamins A, B, and E deliver a daily dose of anti-aging effects every time you visit the sink. Versatile vitamin C helps boost brightness and collagen production. Minerals from the Dead Sea deeply moisturize and hydrate the complexion for a refreshing and smooth feel post-cleanse. The luxurious, fresh, foaming lather soothes and softens without stripping skin of its vital moisture.”

A good armor for your skin coupled with a healthy diet and stretching can keep aging at bay.

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