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MD Khan a new face that has become a voice of people in Tamil Nadu



In India, there are several sections of the society that are facing struggles to live a life of dignity. But also there are few people in this world, who are selfless and work hard to bring a smile on innocent faces. MD Khan is one of them and well known for his charity and helping hands for needy people. To assist the underprivileged population the President of National Human Rights Anti-Crime and Anti-Corruption Bureau, South India – Mr. MD Khan regularly organizes camps in villages to spread awareness amongst the locals and empowering them to buy their bread and butter.  With the aim of poverty-free India, the social activist and his team is working day and night for a change in society through awareness campaigns, social work, and other activities.

Social activism plays an important role in bringing about social changes for the betterment of society. Mr. Khan is a social activist, who is committed to bringing in social reform. As an ordinary citizen, MD Khan was also a common man, but unlike others, he didn’t just sit back and watch the news on television that people are suffering. He kick-started his efforts in the field and dedicated his life to helping poor people who are facing injustice. This was the turning point of his life and the start of his political journey that lead him to the position of Tamil Nadu State Secretary of the Indian Youth Congress (IYC).

According to MD Khan, there is no better way to drive change than standing up for what is right. Social change starts with an individual and then transforms into society.

As currently, the COVID-19 pandemic is at its peak, even in times MD Khan and his team is visiting village n village to donate the essentials.

His passion and hard work have brought about a lot of change in society and among the youths within the society.

Youths are joining him in his campaign and helping others under his inspiring leadership. Villagers come to visit him to share their issues and he does the needful. Mr. MD Khan encourages youth to bring new initiatives in helping the society and gain skills and knowledge necessary to lead civic engagement, education reform, and community organizing activities.

He is truly an inspiration for others who want to help the needy.

We need more examples like MD Khan to make India poverty-free.

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