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Meet Anish Gupta: The emerging digipreneur and PR expert.



His firm “Famo Media” has been an instrumental tool for many clients boosts their visibility on social media platforms.

The young talent is coming across the world showcasing their mettle in respective fields with no stone unturned. Their sharp mind and skills work as miracle and put behind the renownedname of the fields. Social media plays vital role in development of many entrepreneurs and businesses, as it’s a huge platform were numerous people showcase their art and grab success and recognition. Meet one such amazing talented entrepreneur exploring in digital marketing at very tender age – ANISH GUPTA.

Anish belongs from Haryana and is all set with his own company name ‘FAMO MEDIA’ just at the age of 21. “Famo Media” is a digital marketing company which deals with promotional activities for entrepreneurs and celebrities. With his skills and knowledge he even handles social media accounts to help them with gaining established connections with famous celebrities. Being in a digital marketing industry, he is very active social media user which is demanded for his work to tackle the risk and tricks of the market, which helps him in building efficient market strategies. He is also a known personality for his work on Instagram and has garnered more than 26.8K followers. He is very established entrepreneur of digital marketing and all set to explore globally.

To achieve this massive success was not that easy for Anish. As we know ‘Rome is not build in a day.’ He also grind himself hard at very young age of 16, where all kids are part of schooling and enjoying their life, but Anish was very unique rather than enjoying his childhood, he pursued his passion. In initial days he started working as a promoter and he had promoted many local accounts on social media. Gradually he gained knowledge and experience to build expertise in his work and finally with his determination, hard work and consistency now he owns a successful company Famo Media. His company is performing marvelously and has become a numero uno choice for many clients.

His journey continues in near future, Anish is going to handle the work of musical artists, Sumit Goswami. As he is never afraid of doing new things, his volume of professional work has become an example to follow. This young entrepreneur is also glancing in Bollywood and processing the work on establishing his blog. Anish’s creativity and skills of performing is endless and attracts many potential clients.

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