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Meet Arut Nazaryan: Leading Musician and Hip-Hop



Hip-hop is one of my fastest growing music genres. More and more artists are getting into the game, just as more audiences are starting to enjoy this type of music. Arut Nazaryan is a leading musician and hip-hop artist who’s currently making a splash in the industry.

What type of music do you make?

I concentrate on the hip-hop community because it’s what I know best. I grew up listening to this music and absolutely being inspired by what I’ve heard. I listened to rap and hip-hop in all languages, which I think has given me a unique sound. While my most recent song isn’t in English, I still think that my beats and music videos can appeal to an English speaking audience.

What have been your successes so far?

I only have one song released, but it’s absolutely blowing up. It’s called Сделал сам (feat. Axxi). It has over 107,000 views on YouTube, and I know that that number is only set up to grow. I was also happy to collaborate with Axxi for my first single, because I love their sound.

What are your other accomplishments outside of music?

I’ve led an exciting life. I’ve become the youngest and wealthiest businessman in Uzbekistan, and I was mentioned in Forbes. I’ve also gained a lot of recognition in the cryptocurrency community. I’m the Co-Founder of three businesses: Morningstar Solutions LLC, Morningstar Technologies DMCC, and Bistox Holdings. I work to further the agenda of these enterprises evey day, and can’t wait to open up new avenues to show our successes to the world. I love creating new businesses and trying new things. In just one year, I founded a crypto exchange, a gaming platform, an analytical YouTube channel, a production company, and an investment fund. I love to keep busy.

What advice would you give aspiring hip-hop artists?

Start right away and don’t let anything hold you back. You don’t need to be a certain type of person to make it in the hip-hop music scene. Fans are very inviting and always looking for the next big thing. The main things you need to bring are talent and work ethic. If you’re not willing to work hard, you shouldn’t enter the industry. It will spit you back out in a minute.

Arut Nazaryan is on a meteoric rise in the hip-hop and rap industry. It won’t be long until you hear his name on the charts after he releases more music.

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