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Meet Betty Palomino: Successful Entrepreneur with an Adverse Background



Betty Palomino is a successful CEO and entrepreneur, but her life story shows how far optimism and determination will take you. Based in Atlanta, Palomino is the founder of Excellence Contractors Group LLC and Buy and Sell Roofing Supply. However, before she reached this level of success, she had to endure adversity that transformed her perspective on her life.  

Her Tragic Backstory

Palomino first arrived in America in 2000, having moved from Colombia. She was a mother to two children and her first job was cleaning new houses right after construction. In 2006, she was in a sledding accident that left her legs paralyzed. Doctors informed her that there was no hope for her being able to walk again. Nevertheless, being the determined and strong woman she is, Palomino did not allow this hurdle to stop her and instead used this situation to come out stronger than ever before. She was sent to occupational therapy to learn how to adjust to her disability, but she believed that she could do more to rehabilitate herself. Palomino would try alternative methods by herself daily, and although they were physically and mentally draining, she had refused to give up. On days when she felt extremely discouraged, she would keep her children in mind to motivate herself. 

While struggling through physical therapy, Palomino was also in an abusive relationship. Since her accident had redefined her perspective, she realized that it was better to be alone for her wellbeing than to continue hurting herself. 

Her Come Up as a CEO

Fifteen years later, Palomino is now a successful CEO for two construction companies, Buy & Sell Roofing Supply and Excellence Contractors Group, and has been acclaimed as one of the best roofing contractors in Atlanta. She is excelling in her career and loves the challenges and leadership opportunities that come with her job.  

What’s Next for Betty Palomino 

Palomino hopes that, through her life experiences, she can serve as an example of how capable someone can be when they have the willingness and drive to rise above their struggles. Professionally, she hopes to expand her companies into North Carolina and other parts of the Southeast while also establishing her own personal brand. She hopes to spread a message of self-improvement, even through tragedy.  

Some wise words from her, “There are no incapable people, there are incapable minds.”

To stay updated on Betty Palomino, check out her Instagram (@bapalomino).

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