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Meet Chris Groves: The Founder And CEO Of Groves Capital Who’s Bringing The Mortgage Lending Industry Online With State Of The Art Systems



Chris Groves is the proud founder, owner, and CEO of Groves Capital, a residential and commercial lending company in close to 20 states with 200 loan officers and 65 processors. They are proud to be family owned and operated, all while virtual. Chris’ wife, Aleyna, is a well-known loan officer. Together, they are able to see all sides of the business and operate the company as a team.  

Chris is from the middle of Wisconsin and had to work from the ground up to get his business started. Now, he’s only in his early 30s and running the fastest growing mortgage company in the United States. 

“I have not had help nor took a single dime to get to the level. I put in hard work and discipline and I have sacrificed my time to be the most successful as possible. I do it all to be able to pass the savings along to our clients,” Chris says. 

Chris has been involved in the real estate industry for many years. After working in the weeds, he began to see a change in the industry – it was going online. Despite this change, he knew the reality that a mortgage requires more of a strategist mindset which isn’t easy to accomplish online; it requires more hands on and creative thinking.

“Because of the needs of online mortgages, my goal was to create a platform for long term partnership, that means changing as the market and economy changes to be the best fit for our partners. The best number wins the bottom line and we have the best rates and products,” Chris says. 

Getting the best numbers comes at a price, however. Chris is no stranger to how difficult it is to start your own business as an entrepreneur. New entrepreneurs need to sacrifice their time that could be spent with friends and family. 

“It will be difficult and you will be running on fumes but if you keep pushing the rock up hill the top will be worth the effort. The bottom line is you have to take responsibility for your actions or lack of actions. You can’t blame everyone else if things don’t go right. Your happiness and your success is on you as an individual,” Chris says. 

To Chris, he believes that success can manifest itself differently for each individual. For himself, he sees success as achieving a level most will never get to because they don’t want to put the effort in, to be able to achieve income on a daily that is not directly correlated to your hourly work.

“Success isn’t for everyone. It’s a choice you have to make every day and keep in your mind every night. There is light at the end but most give up before they get there and blame the economy, their family, addictions we all need to take that responsibility on ourselves. Then you will achieve true success,” Chris outlines. 

To achieve this, Chris makes sure that his business is able to differentiate themselves from competitors by prioritizing their work ethic, customer service, and communication. 

“I always have big energy and confidence but I still have a big heart and I truly care about the impact I have on others’ lives,” says Chris. 

In the upcoming year, Chris is looking forward to launching a third party processing company called United Wholesale Processing and a third party funding company, to be fully delegated by late summer. 

“That means we will have our own underwriters in house. Once we achieve these steps servicing will be the last piece of the puzzle,” Chris explains.

More information about Chris’ company can be found on their website. Chris is also available on Instagram

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