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Meet Chris Sarchet Bell: The Pioneer and founder of the largest U18 event brand in the UK



Shutdown Events is the brainchild of Chris Sarchet Bell (popularly known as CSB) and his team. The brand is recognized as the largest organizer of U18s events across major towns and cities in the UK. 

Growing Up Early

Chris built tenacity and strength of character early in life, qualities that would later help him to excel in business.

“ I lost my stepdad at a young age. I had to become the man of the house very young, and because of this, everything I do is so my family will eventually never have to work again.”

Though he got a rough start in life, Chris did not allow this misfortune to get him down instead, he continued to work hard and persevere.

“I never give up,” he asserts. “It took me 4 years before I made a single penny. No matter what hurdles have been thrown at me over the last 6 years, I always get back up and keep going. My determination is exactly why I am where I am today.”

Building A World-Class brand

Shutdown Events was established in 2014 in Chris’ hometown, Burnley. Before venturing into the day-time event space, Shutdown had previous experience in the events/nightlife industry from hosting their over 18 events.

“We decided to try and tackle the younger market to be able to get interest from a young audience,” Chris shares. “Then, once they came of age, we would be able to pass them on to our over 18 brand, Grenade.” 

Shutdown quickly made a name for itself in Burnley and soon started to attract clientele from out of the town and further. 

“With each event, more and more people were talking about us. Within 6 months, we branched into a second area and by month 8, we were in another 4 cities. At this stage, we realized we had created something special.”

Overcoming Challenges

Chris and his team have made a tremendous impact with their brand. However, this has not come without several hurdles.

“The main aim of our brand is to educate kids that they don’t have to drink to have a good time. We run into problems all the time, especially when getting venues and convincing councils to say yes and trust us to run an event safely without issues in and outside the venue. As we continue to grow,  we have become a brand that is recognized and trusted by both clients and parents. We are starting to gain huge support from the police and local councils, as they can see the good we are bringing to their areas.”

Chris credits his success first to his team, then to his own acumen that allows him to recognize opportunities and avoid making mistakes in business.

“Tell me I can’t, I’ll show you I can” – I have this tattooed on me and I swear by this daily. I love proving people wrong.

I have also learnt not trust everyone who says they want to help, and to always take a step back and assess a situation before jumping into it.”

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