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Meet Daniel Libietis, emerging as a star in funnel building.



His marketing agency, ‘FlowFunnelz’ helps people, coaches, agencies to scale to the next level with high-converting sales funnels.

A quick look around us will let us know how things have been fast-moving and for the better each passing day in the business world. With so many changes taking place all at once in a fast-paced corporate and business environment, people today are running behind increasing their presence and sales and want to have a bigger bite of the pie on leads and sales in their respective fields. This has led many entrepreneurs, high-ticket coaches and agencies to turn to companies and marketing agencies that can lead them towards their desired sales numbers and help them achieve their desired success. This is when high-performing and passionate entrepreneurs and professionals enter the picture. One amongst these who is raising the bar for others and emerging as one of the finest talents in the niche of funnel building is Daniel Libietis. This young talent hails from Ireland but is the one who is gradually making his name across other parts of the world for the kind of incredible services he provides all his clients, taking them to the next level. He has helped them launch and build an umbrella of offers that sells for them 24/7.

From the beginning, if anything that ever attracted Daniel Libietis, it was the idea to get into the business world and create something of his own, which he can take pride in all his life. Even as a teenager, he would come up with business ideas, he recalls. Once, he came across a digital marketing expert and coach who helped him to get started his digital marketing agency. In just a few months, he could scale higher and quicker. In another two months, Daniel Libietis went ahead in hiring a reputable fulfilment agency; however, it did not generate results for his clients and only gave him more pressure and stress.

It was time for him to re-align his thoughts and overcome these hurdles. This helped him shift his focus to building sales funnels on the side and after studying web development in college, Daniel Libietis ventured full-fledged into the funnel building niche, and since then, has never looked back. This young man studied the funnel in January, made his first high-ticket sales in February and scaled rapidly in March and now it’s an uptrend from there. Today, Daniel Libietis works with high-ticket coaches who look out for creating a profitable and proven client acquisition system that can book them calls 24/7 on auto-pilot. This has encouraged him to hire more members, scale further and create a massive positive impact for online coaches.

So far, this ace entrepreneur who owns his successful marketing agency today called ‘FlowFunnelz’ has worked with over 100 clients, including online coaches, consultants, brick and mortar, agencies and online experts, who wish to create a consistent flow of sales and leads. His marketing agency helps clients build a website that is conversion-optimized, having a professional look and is branded.

To know more about their services in funnel building, visit the website

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