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Meet Dr. Diane Strachowski, The Psychologist Who Helps You Delve Deeper Into Why You’re Still Single



Dr. Diane Strachowski (@backtolovedoc) is a licensed psychologist, the CEO, and founder of Back to Love Doc, a private coaching and online business for singles. 

Dr. Diane is a licensed psychologist, relationship expert, dating coach, and couple’s therapist. 

With over twenty years of clinical experience, she has helped hundreds of her clients and thousands online find the relationship of their dreams. 

Dr. Diane helps clients recognize that love is not one size fits all. Unique differences are the reason why dating is challenging and relationships are complex. It’s because of a person’s attachment style, something that they developed in their childhood, that determines what a person needs and wants most in their relationship. And not everyone needs and wants the same things. A person’s attachment style is hard to predict in dating because everyone shows up looking good at the start. It’s only once a person is under stress, or what Dr. Diane says, ‘in hot water,’ when their true attachment style comes out. 

Trained as a research psychologist, Dr. Diane set out to study the population at large. She created her Love Style quiz, which analyzes a person’s attachment and communication style. Dr. Diane categorizes people into seven different types. Her data from over 45,000 people shows that most singles, or 75% of people, are insecure. No wonder dating is hard. 

Dr. Diane developed a unique program she calls ‘date therapy.’ A combination of therapy mixed with coaching, date therapy transforms her client’s dating lives. Once a person understands their attachment style and how it affects their relationships, they can break their old dating patterns and move forward. 

Dr. Diane helps her clients transform on four levels: body, mind, heart, and action. To have a close intimate relationship, people need good personal and interpersonal skills and habits. Dr. Diane teaches her clients how to date better, choose better partners, and have successful long-term relationships. Once you know how a healthy relationship looks and feels, it’s easier to create it. 

Her proven psychological tips designed to have a better dating strategy and mindset helped her find the man of her dreams and is the same proven model that has helped hundreds of her clients and thousands of her followers find love. 

Dr. Diane individualizes her therapy to include online profile writing, partner analysis, and working through various scripts and conversations. She helps her highly expressive clients learn to calm down, and her low expressive clients learn to speak up in their relationships. The pillars of Dr. Diane’s program include the secrets that all secure functioning people know, how to feel, think, and act with confidence. 

Dr. Diane states that “The long-term success my clients experience in their relationships is largely due to overcoming their blind spots and the mindset component included in my coaching programs.” 

Suppose you would like dating help or help to take your relationship to the next level. For people who cannot work personally with Dr. Diane, she offers online courses. 

You can follow Dr. Diane on the following platforms:

Website| Instagram | YouTube 

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