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Meet Hummus Republic Franchisee Monique Patriota, an Empowering Entrepreneur Making Waves in 2021



When it comes to entrepreneurship, those who truly make it past the finish line and continuously build upon their dreams and grow their businesses are rare gems. The individuals that stop at nothing to see their goals realized, and when they get there, challenge themselves to push even further and accomplish unbelievable heights. A true testament of this concept is Monique Patriota, a key player in the evolution of restaurant franchise Hummus Republic.

Six years ago, Monique moved to Los Angeles from Brazil, and her success story is one for the books. Upon her arrival, Monique by chance met a Hummus Republic manager at a bus stop while she was seeking out work. She had little to her name, limited resources, but saw an opportunity and ran with it. On the spot, Monique was offered part-time work with that Hummus Republic chain, and just months later, she was promoted to a manager herself. Monique continued to push past her limits and she eventually became the entire Hummus Republic company’s head trainer, helping developing franchises open their respective locations. Her entrepreneurial mentality and unshakable determination has truly expanded the Hummus Republic brand in meaningful and monumental ways, a nod to their shared values.

Hummus Republic’s global takeover is undeniable, with international philanthropic partnerships set in place – such as that with Global Impact Ventures – and locations opening monthly across the United States. A revolutionary approach to fast food, Hummus Republic serves primarily plant-based meals to their customers, placing healthy eating and organic ingredients at the forefront of their business model. Hummus Republic franchisees are equally committed to spreading awareness around healthy eating and holistic wellness in all aspects of one’s life, and the executive team’s energy radiates these principles. Now, as the world continues to reopen, it’s vital that Hummus Republic’s leadership team continues to chart forward with these values in mind, and for Monique, she’s doing exactly that.

Last year, the company gave Monique a corporate location franchise to lead on her own, and she is always growing the Hummus Republic brand and training new franchisees. As an expert in the restaurant industry, she is intimately familiar with the struggles that her colleagues have faced during the challenges brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic, and she understands the tools they need to carry on and not lose sight of their goals and aspirations.

As a Latina boss babe, Monique’s experience, mindset, background and wisdom is inspirational to the next generation of professionals – especially restaurateurs.  

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