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Meet Ina Orlova: A Personal Trainer And Social Media Influencer



Ina Orlova, founder of Mrs Fit.Ina, is a 35-year-old proud mother of two who was born in Belarus. Till 1999, she lived there with her mother and sister. Growing up, she had a difficult childhood. She faced many hardships and know how it feels to be bullied and beaten. She says that she knows what hunger is and how it feels when you have to run for your life. In 1999, she and her mother moved to the Netherlands.

An interesting fact that not many people may not know about her is that she has always been really insecure. Feeling insecure about yourself can take a toll on every aspect of your life, from your physical health and emotional well-being to how you perform at your job. Even now that she is older, she still can’t get over it.

Talking about her journey as a social media and fitness influencer, she says that even the people closest to her told her that it was too late and she will not be able to make it. It was difficult for her to do all of it on her own, with any support or help. Eventually, she managed to overcome her obstacles by setting goals, staying patient, consistent, and cutting off a few people from her life. She says that it makes her really happy and proud when she sees what she has been able to achieve by the dedication and hard work. She always believes in herself and forces herself to be positive and always see the bright side. The obstacles and hardships that she has faced in her life have made her stronger and no one can knock her off her goal easily. She is not different from anyone else, she is just herself.

Coming to her business, she is an influencer and personal trainer. She had to face many hurdles to get where she is now. The reality of social media today is that once you have a brand presence, you can’t avoid negative reviews and comments. She was also scammed by some companies, which is quite common on social media. The huge algorithm change by Instagram was another hurdle, faced by a lot of influencers. Ina has changed her name several times, but currently, she loves Mrs.Fit.Ina because of her love for fitness. Fitness is a crucial part of her daily life, just like brushing her teeth. She motivates others to choose a healthy lifestyle and take proper care of their body and mind.

She wants to grow more and always stays up to date with the newest techniques and trends. She carefully listens to all the feedback she gets and tries to improve her content and the information she shares on social media. Her two sons keep her motivated to achieve more.

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