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Meet Joanna Borov, The Fashion Beauty Queen Everyone Is Looking For



Joanna Borov is a passionate model with vast experience in the runway and fashion industry. The genesis of her essential career was in London, where she started modeling part-time while studying. She started winning beauty pageants in her part-time career, which was the best kick start for her modeling career. More job offers started coming her way when the winnings increased. Today, she has launched a brand and designs baby clothes and toys. Currently, she is working on her first-ever women’s collection. Grateful for her family and friends, she believes that everyone you meet in life comes for a reason. Everyone she meets positively impacts her, although she openly admits that she owes it all to herself.

The most memorable occasion in her life happened in Monte Carlo, in a fashion show. The setting was beautiful and creative, and the event was attended by numerous people, most of them international celebrities sitting in the front row seats. The design she showcased was gorgeous and beautiful, and everything was going on perfectly. However, the designer got caught up in the show’s intensity and didn’t fasten the outfit well. Joanna Borov took to the stage with a loose outfit on her right side. Filled with nervousness and still maintaining her composure, she held the outfit in place by hand and played natural for the entire set. Thankfully, everything worked out perfectly. The show turned out to be a huge success. 

Driving Change In The World 

As a successful person, Joanna finds comfort in helping other people. She has featured in many donation campaigns and takes part in charity events. She confesses that she doesn’t do this as a publicity stunt but keeps all her contributions private and confidential. In addition, playing a role in creating awareness of public issues and motivating society is her most significant achievement. She is a dog lover, and in her posts, she shared her story about her dog. Today, she shares opportunities that arise for dog adoption on social media while attending charity events. She loves animals and actively engages in the ‘No dogs left behind’ campaign. ‘No dogs left behind’ is a campaign organization that rescues dogs from China. 

Joanna has upcoming projects in line for releases, the biggest being her photo sessions for newly launched brands and designers lined up. She is outwardly excited for the future and is not afraid to show it. She is also working on publishing a book on diet and healthy living tips. 


Her most iconic inspiration is Diane Von Furstenberg because of the empowerment she does to women in society. Diane is not only a designer but also a strong feminist. Other names include Victoria Beckham, Anna Wintour, and Vera Wang. She desires to meet one of these prominent names for lunch. Patience, persistence, and a good attitude are some of the characters she advises her fans to emulate. Based on the time it takes to build networks in the fashion industry, she advises people to keep their characters in check and do their best with optimum professionalism.

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