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Meet John Guaman, a college dropout currently generating millions of dollars in sales in the online space:



John Guaman is a 24-year-old Entrepreneur and investor. He is currently involved as a top affiliate for online trading and entrepreneur.

John is a Hispanic American. Since childhood seeing his parents struggling with a money motivated him to make sure that when he grows up money should never be an issue to him. His journey to being an investor is quite motivating. It all started when John’s roommate was crushing it in stocks. Initially, he had no clue about what marketing or trading is. Seeing his roommate inspired him to raise his belief level because at that moment he knew if his roommate can do it, so can he. At the young age of 19, he started studying how trade stocks, Forex and crypto Space works. Then eventually he became an affiliate for the educational platform where he is currently working.  It’s been 5 years since he has been involved in the online marketing space and was able to generate tens of millions of dollars in sales and clear multiple 7 figures. He thinks as an entrepreneur people need to understand one gets paid off from their results, not their time. He believes his ability to be real and raw makes him stand out in this industry.

Guaman has faced several challenges. He once was so broke that he skipped meals and slept in his car or floors as he couldn’t afford even a room in a motel, let alone a house of his own. But he believes that one can always learn something when one face any challenge. As he loves to create content, so he had put on videos and utilized the concept of attraction marketing to promote his business.

In his career, he has achieved several milestones. He has generated millions in sales. Guaman cleared his first million at the young age of 23. He has built an online business with a customer base of more than thousands. Guaman has also built a great portfolio in the crypto space and has travelled to over 20+ countries to build his business.

Currently, he is looking forward to helping 200+ people to hit a 6-figure income. John Guaman is also in the process of creating a charity and foundation as he always wanted to create a global impact and eventually get to the point where he can relieve trauma for people and even help them get rid of their limiting beliefs.

If you want to know more about John Guaman, you can simply check out his social media handle (links given below)

IG: @johnbguaman

FB: John Byron Guaman

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