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Meet Manas Khatri a Young Entrepreneur, Business Consultant and Founder & CEO of Digital Jugglers.



“If you’re addicted to your goal, you can achieve it”, says Mr Manas Khatri, the Founder and CEO of Digital Jugglers. Manas has been Awarded the Young Achiever’s Award 2020-21 for excellence in Startup Consultation. A Serial Entrepreneur & also a Business Coach, Manas Khatri has founded multiple successful businesses in the fields of Marketing, Advertising, Branding, IT and Training. Mr Manas is a Trusted Advisor to 25+ Corporates and specializes in Startup Consultation.

Some days bring hope, some days misery and the same goes for businesses. But the one who moves consistently and keep innovating everyday survives long. Digital jugglers an initiative by Crazybrand Bazaar Pvt. Ltd. has always maintained that consistency. It is a full- fledged marketing agency started in 2016. Inspired by PM’s Digital Campaign it works with firm determination to provide the best digital services that can change the marketing strategy of the world. The company helps Businesses and Startups to grow and prove their purpose in the market.

Educational Background

With Graduation and Post-Graduation in Computer Science (BCA & MCA), he is now pursuing PhD in the same subject. He is an active member of Business Networking Platforms like BNI, IIA and Connect & Grow. His expertise in IT and Marketing has allowed him to assist a variety of companies to increase their revenue by tremendous amounts.

Here are some strategies which Mr. Manas follows and asks the new Entrepreneurs to follow :
• If you have an outstanding idea that you believe can make a change in society then just make a wonderful plan and go for Startup.
• The World is Changing Rapidly and it is necessary to keep oneself updated.
• One should follow a guide or mentor who is considered an expert in the field they like the most.
• One should always learn skills and be agitated towards practical learning.


Towards a Long Vision

Manas Khatri runs multiple businesses that work in different areas:

1.Digital Jugglers – Complete Digital Marketing Solutions (SEO, SMO, PPC, Web/App Development, Software, ERP/CRM etc).

  1. NADM – National Academy of Digital Marketing – Multiple Certification/Diploma courses with Live project based Training in Digital Marketing. The trainings are available offline as well as online.
  2. Advertising A to Z – Covering complete Offline Branding like Hoarding, Unipole, Cinema Ads, Bus Branding etc.
  3. Business Consultation Services offered by Mr Manas Khatri which includes Strategic Consultation, Operation Consultation, IT/Software Consultation, Marketing /Sales consultation, Branding Consultation, PR Consultation, Financial Consultation, Startup Consultation etc.

Manas Khatri with all his wits is building an Ecosystem for Businesses and Start-ups. Now it’s high time when he has started offering franchises which is an exciting business opportunity for the people who want to setup their own Marketing Agency.

“Don’t wait for the things to be done by tomorrow, work today and live tomorrow”

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