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Meet Mirko Scarcella – One of the top Social Media Managers of celebrities and large enterprises



Many Instagram profiles that create a constant buzz on social media have the expertise of Mirko behind them.

Today, Miami based Mirko, is a well known Instagram profile handler of many artists and he has been successful in getting many profiles in the limelight at a steady pace with his social media handling skills. He had always been passionate towards the digital world and was always buried in getting in-depth knowledge about the workings of social media since a long time. His interest was so intense that he left his flourishing career as a Zara salesman to go ahead in chasing his dream to dwell full time into the profession which involved the various online opportunities. He wanted to quench his desires of doing something big which would create a huge impact in the social media world, and with that aim he managed to become a full time online celebrity manager for artists and other businesses that needed to create a meaningful presence online.

Driven by his unique and innovative strategies, Mirko has successfully managed to create a wide visibility for many of his elite clientele who come from all possible esteemed posts and different sectors. Apart from celebrity artists and VIP’s many professionals from the law fraternity, real estate industry, people from the medical field and many more from time and again have relied on the exceptional services given by Mirko, which has given them mind blowing results. Mirko says “There is no business or profession which will not benefit by utilizing the opportunities that social media has to offer. It creates a wide audience reach, which positively benefits the individual, business or brand in a big way.

Floyd Money Mayweather, one of the highest paid sportsmen history has ever seen, writer of the preface of the book ‘THE BIBLE success fame money’.
In the preface he wrote “This manual of my friend Mirko teaches you how to create your popularity within the parameters of Instagram, to create your reputation, to make your company influential and to sell merchandise through the web”

Renowned photographer David LaChapelle who collaborated with Scarcella for the cover on his book.
LaChapelle, who has framed celebrities like Michael Jackson, Elton John, Kim Kardashian and Madonna, had chosen an Italian man to be featured in one of his clicks that was to be featured in this book, the man was none other than Mirko, who was photographed in the artists Los Angeles studio.

Mirko is happily married to his sweetheart, American super model – Dashil Hernandez known as DASH, and is speeding towards more success through his online endeavours.

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