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Meet Philip Johansen who has chased financial freedom by following his passion



Philip Johansen is a family man, friend and a dedicated digital marketer. He works to help other entrepreneurs market their products, and create solutions that help up-and-coming marketers achieve success online.

Philip has created/co-created three award-winning digital products. He has manifested his goals and now earns in a month what he used to make in a year and is showing others how to do the same. His digital marketing solutions have positively impacted over 3,300 customers around the world. He has been able to provide financial support to his parents and immediate family in uncertain times. Philip is recognized as one of the fastest rising marketers in my affiliate marketing industry.

Philip’s purpose

Philip’s main goal in life is to help others and he has found that the best way to do it is through the internet. Philip said, “havinga successful online business gives me the resources to impact so many more people than I could otherwise.”

The secret ingredient to his success

Philip has worked immensely hard for where he is today. When he came into this industry he had no choice but to make things work. Philip was terrified of failure and that is what motivated him to work harder and learn faster than ever before.

Hardships faced by Philip

English wasn’t his 1st language, so that made it harder to crack in the industry which was dominated by English speakers.

He was raised in a manner where he used to trust easily which ultimately cost him thousands of dollars, investing in certain coaching programs that turned out to be scams.

Philip’s family was working in traditional jobs and they started doubting his desire. Philip says that was the toughest part for him.

Philip’s advice for people who take digital marketing

“My advice is to treat it like the hardest thing you’ll ever do.

That the odds are completely stacked against you and that without constant imperfect action, you’ll fail for sure because if you do that for your 1st year or so, it can set you up for a lifetime of success”, Philip remarked.

Philip shares the best advice to someone trying to achieve success as an entrepreneur, “start by ‘defining your why’. He further states, “money can’t be the only why. It can be part, but it can’t be the primary reason because money will always come and go, so you need a deeper emotional reason to keep you motivated.”

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