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Meet Russ Yeager: Former “Husky Pants” Wearing Chubby Kid…Now The Most Inspirational Body, Business, and Life Transformation Expert In the World



It’s that time of the year when you whip out your journal and write down some New Year resolutions. For many people, ‘go to the gym more often’ will be on top of that list-or at least a close second. If that is you, then you absolutely need to know about Russ Yeager,the widely acclaimed online fitness and transformation coach with clients in more than 7 countries.

The Back Story

Today, Russ Yeager is known as a Physique Transformation Expert and is currently one of the top fitness coaches in the world. He has dominated the fitness industry for more than 19 years, helping thousands of clients from every corner of the world achieve their transformation goals. However, things were not always so rosy for him. In fact, for most of his life, he struggled with his own weight and body goals.

“ Growing up, I always had a spread of fat around my stomach and love handles. I remember being jealous of my friends who had flat stomachs and abs, so I decided at an early age I was going to be one of those lean muscle guys,” Russ shares.

Making A Career-Change

Russ was in his late 20’s and he had successfully settled into the status quo. He was trying exercises on his own and seeing some decent success, and he also had a secure job as a CPA in an accounting firm. Little did he know, his entire life was about to change. 

“ I decided to really make a commitment to getting this part of my life handled at 27 years old,” he says. “ I hired an online coach and entered an international physique transformation contest. The results were nothing short of miraculous. I took my body fat level from around 25% to 5% in just 12 weeks. I also got the knowledge, skills, and discipline that have helped me to stay fit and healthy for the past 19 years, and able to maintain visible “6 Pack abs year-round while running 3 businesses and raising 3 kids.”

Shortly after this experience, Russ decided to take a huge leap. He quit his job to chase his dreams of helping other people reach their fitness goals. 

“I created my business to help more people find the answers to their fitness questions. I work with all kinds of clients but specialize in working with dads over 40 who are stressed out, tired, and think they are destined to live with “dad bod” forever. Many of these men are “quitely depressed” and feel like they have no one to talk to. I get a tremendous amount of joy when I see them transform their bodies, health, confidence, and energy and how that translates into more success in their business, better relationships with their wives and kids, and more happiness in their lives,” he says.

Building a Community 

Russ now has more than 20 years of experience working with clients from all over the world. He owns two private personal training studios in Atlanta, GA, is the author of “Live Longer, Feel Better, and Look Great Naked!”, founder of Body Transformation University, speaks around the world including on Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Con stage, and has written for and appeared in numerous Fitness publications.   However, Russ says he is only getting warmed up as his mission is “to help 1 million people become the best versions of themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally so they can fulfill their purpose on earth to the best of their abilities.” 

“ I have my internal  numbers that my team and I are going after, but ultimately, I am not looking to inspire and help as many people as possible all over the world to live healthier, happier, more fulfilling lives!” The best part about what I do is attracting the perfect client where we just “click” and  While I light them up, they light me up right back.”

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