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Meet Shahid Durrani, Founder of The Super Entrepreneurs Podcast



It’s fair to say things are going well for Shahid Durrani. Amid Covid shutdown and the economic recession that followed, he managed to stay positive and creatively transform the crisis into an opportunity for his business and personal growth. Today he is an Entrepreneur and Sales Mindset Mentor, co-founder of, software and real estate investor, and host of The Super Entrepreneur Podcast.

The road wasn’t easy for him, and he had to overcome several hurdles in his journey to financial and personal success. As a child of Pashtun immigrants and a first-generation Canadian from a conservative family growing up in Ontario Canada, he always felt different from the rest. And the fact that he was 6’3 ft tall by the age of 15th didn’t exactly help him blend in. In his words: “I hated going to school. I would run away to escape from school and other kids.”

He started bodybuilding at 16 and would be asked by local gangs to join them because of his imponent physique. But don’t let this tough exterior fool you, Shahid is just a big guy with an even bigger heart. “In high school, I always got into fights with bullies and earned a bad-boy reputation, but I only did it because I was afraid of the other kids…Which is crazy since later in life I discovered that my true passion is helping others and connecting with people”.

Shahid found his true call in life by helping others. That is why he became a mentor that helps self-employed entrepreneurs and sales professionals achieve their full potential through mindset reprogramming.

He first learned about the power of visualization at home, when his dad started a very successful carpet manufacturing plant in 1992. “I used to see my dad draw the factory he was going to have years before it happened. I always visualized myself living on a hill in a big property and that’s where I live now with my family.”

After an injury in his back that left him unable to move had him experience the deficiencies in the health system, he started building an intensive rehabilitation center for patients with acute injuries, chronic pain, or post-car accidents. Without any medical background, Shahid opened Absolute Health Centre with his Brother: “Everyone else thought I was crazy. I just had faith and throughout the journey, I remained confident and believed it would be successful. Basically, we got so big that we started the process of franchising the brand”.

 He created The Absolute Patient Experience or TAPE program, to provide patients with the best customized non-surgical treatment regime created by experts, and a holistic approach for reducing pain and healing injuries. The program was such a success that some people would drive 2 hours away, two or three times a week just to get it.

His newest software project is MyGoTo: A unique Social Collaboration Network app for high profile industries such as Real Estate, Finance, Automotive, and Travel,  that is changing the world of advertising with re-defined word of mouth marketing that empowers buyers and sellers through their social influence.

He also gathers with other successful entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and experience as the host of The Super Entrepreneur Podcast, where he interviews big names like Jeffrey Hayzlett, John Lee Dumas, and Chris van Vliet, to name a few.

With a clear goal to create services that improve people’s lives, we hope Shahid Durrani continues to inspire and deliver more innovative projects in the future. 

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