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Meet the Italian E-Commerce Experter Ludovico Apollonio



See how this 28 years Ludovico Apollonio managed to reach the seven figures online business, never seeing the products he was selling and even without having a warehouse.

But before we talk about his business we need to take a step back.

After completing his graduation in Economics from the university La Sapienza in Rome, Ludovico Apollonio got back to his own city in the south of Italy where the young Entrepreneur creates some real estate units by restoring at the same time and giving life to a widespread hotel now active with more than 20 apartments.

Although his real estate business was doing very well but soon Ludovico realized that he wanted to create something new. So he discovered the dropshipping model, a new- way of doing e-commerce business different from the traditional one in which the entrepreneur needs to have a warehouse, place an order for products from suppliers and pay a lot of money in advance. With dropshipping instead, you don’t need to have a warehouse and you don’t need a big initial investment, you never touch or see the products that you sell.

According to what he says, e-commerce with the dropshipping method is currently one of the best way to create an online business, and the best chance for a person of any age to get involved and start a business from scratch to a full time income.

Ludovico after reaching seven figure with his dropshipping business model decides to launch his own course, Ecomacademy, in which he teaches to more than 1000 students how to create, launch and scale an Ecommerce business.

To make everything easier, Ludovico’s students are also followed and supported by a private Facebook group where they can ask any kind of question.

“In EcomAcademy we have a lot of success stories, a lot of students could reach the six and sever figures with their Ecommerce stores” continues the entrepreneur. And a lot of our students got their first sale after just one week of following and studying the Ecomacademy course. “Dropshipping, being a business like any other naturally involves time and commitment, however, the results that can be achieved are endless.”Ludovico own also his own Facebook Ads agency as well called, where he helps businesses reach and get more clients using online advertising.

You can connect with him on his Instagram account @Ludo_apollonio and you can also visit his website at

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