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Meet the mind behind the sucess of Growth Media: Rohit Sonawane



Rohit Sonawane is a 24-years-old Digital Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, PR expert, and Advertiser from Aurangabad, Maharashtra. He is the founder of a renowned digital marketing agency Growth Media which is helping many Corporate and Entertainment industry clients with their strong online presence, etc. Rohit Sonawane also owns the Rashi entertainment which acts as the Production house for Music Albums, Short Films, Ad films, Promotional videos, Marathi films, etc. It also provides a platform for new young artists to showcase their talent to all over the world.

The man behind the success of Growth Media and Rashi entertainment Mr. Rohit Sonawane started with nothing but huge dreams and a determination to get success in life. His journey of being a successful digital entrepreneur from the small town of Aurangabad was a difficult transition. He invested his time and money to learn digital marketing nuances, their new trends and also worked with many companies before launching his venture Growth Media and Rashi entertainment.

Born on 2 May 1996, Rohit Sonawane has always had a hang of the internet so much so that he would sit in front of a computer for the entire day while looking for new ways of earning money online while working from home.

Rohit started his journey in the Digital Marketing Field as a freelancer in 2017. His work has got too much attention and applause from his clients all over the world.

He claims that he has earned millions through his mobile phone only. He prefers to complete all his projects by Phone itself, and he has established and is Successfuly running his both agencies with the help of smartphone.

His love for films and music attracted him towards the client related to music production and Bollywood movies. Mr. Rohit is working with many globally recognized singers and artists of the Bollywood Industry as their social media manager.

Nowadays Digital marketing is a field full of competition. It requires consistent research of the latest trends to compete. Rohit Sonawane is a professional digital marketer with a specialization in YouTube marketing, Social media Marketing, and website handling. He has faced a lot of difficulties during his initial phase in this digital marketing world but he never gave up. He was aware of the fact that the journey in this field would not be going too easy, he will have to tackle different obstacles to achieve success. All due to continuous hard work and dedication towards his profession he has become a leading Digital Marketer of India.

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