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Meet Zoe Abbott The Expert at Helping People Feel Happy About Their Finances.



Zoe Abbott is a Financial Consultant & Entrepreneur. Her background as a counselor gives her a unique ability to help her clients over the emotional hurdles surrounding money and get them to a point they are happy about their finances.

Zoe has worked with thousands of families and individuals across the country to build financial security and wealth. 

Zoe believes in an abundance mindset. She never works to cut her clients back, but helps them work out how to grow their income, investments and reserves. She believes in making reality fit the size of one’s dreams rather than shrinking dreams to fit reality. 

Making a name in the industry

Zoe was able to make a name for herself in the industry because she comes from a background of thousands of hours of one on one counseling. This gave Zoe a unique perspective in helping her clients get over the emotional barriers associated with finances. From there she hit, and exceeded, her targets and performance goals time and time again. She was also able to double her income every year in business.

Obstacles faced 

Abbott experienced all types of obstacles, especially since she started her business with a small baby, no money, and zero education in the Financial Services Industry. In short order through hard disciplined work and late nights getting herself educated, she found a strong drive to succeed. This led Zoe to establish herself as a leader in her field. 

After a few years in business she was still held back by her self-confidence issues that would prevent herself from reaching any larger goals. Though this was mostly related to her health and state of body, especially since she struggled with weight the majority of her life. 

Two years ago, she decided to fully tackle this life-long ruin and applied the tools she had learned from Financial Management towards health and weight loss. Abbott lost half of her body weight, and she is healthier than she ever has been before. 

Overcoming obstacles 

Zoe overcame her obstacles by keeping a steady mind. She is aware everyone wants overnight success, but she strongly states how it does not work that way. It was difficult, hard, disciplined, and consistent work that has gotten Abbott to where she is today. However, she continues striving to concentrate on the gains and has a firm decision that she is always improving.

Uniqueness within the industry  

Zoe is different to everyone else in the industry because she approaches financial planning with an abundance mindset. With her background in counseling, she is able to help her clients through the more emotional side of managing money. She also gets her clients to expand their thinking to allow for growth rather than cut backs. 

In conclusion, Zoe uses her prior and personal experiences to help others. She keeps a strong mentality and continuously strives for the best outcome, knowing she will reach it. Abbott keeps improving after each year without fail, and she will keep at it, continuing her wealth and success. She knows what is best for herself and clients, not only helping them financially, but as well as their mentality and lifestyle. 

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