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Mena Garcia to Launch Sustainable, Vegan and Cruelty-Free Fashion and Beauty Brands



Argentine-born it” girl, stunner and globe trotter Mena Garcia is in the process of launching her sustainable, vegan and cruelty free fashion and beauty brands, as she searches to keep mother nature at the top of her priority list. Gone are the days of harmful damage to our beautiful earth as we move towards ensuring a green future and Mena wants to play her part in proving that fashion doesnt have to be harmful to the planet. In the past technology and the science of materials was limited to just niche sectors such as medical clothing, technical clothing and sportswear. Im here to put my spin on things and bring the fantastic technology we have to the forefront and prove that we can all wear sustainable clothing” said Mena.

As scientists, researchers and designers join forces to try to reduce the carbon footprint that the fashion industry currently stamps, independent designers like Mena will be crucial to leading the way and showing fashion giants that if she can do it, so can they. I believe we can really make a difference by using our voice on social media platforms and by setting online trends to really catch the attention of the largest fashion brands around the world. Independent brands like mine can truly make the difference here.” Mena, who has been modelling since her teens, has almost three quarters of a million Instagram followers and this platform will undoubtedly help her cause.

She talks passionately about using waste from oranges to make silk,” or pineapple leaf for a leather alternative” and spectacularly agricultural waste bacteria.” As Mena continues to learn more, shes using her education to find out about interesting new ways to create sustainable fashion in a term she coins as trash fashion” – using literal waste to create something new. One persons trash is another persons treasure certainly comes to mind!”

Ive been studying with expert Mila at Estudio MG in a special collaboration with Closet Sustenable in Argentina. Ive learned so much, including some incredible things. One of the main focuses is creating materials inspired in nature where cells and proteins are being used to create different types of real leather but in a totally sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free way.”

However its not all smooth-sailing or simple. To be true to the cause, it is essential to be sustainable throughout the whole process. Everything from material sourcing, grading, dyes and packaging needs to be clean and green. Mena said I want to also make sure that workers during the production process are treated fairly, with respect, are safe and paid fairly. To be truly sustainable, the entire process needs to be true to the terms sustainable, cruelty-free and vegan.”

Mena is certainly one to watch in 2021 and 2022. She says it will take some time because piecing it all together perfectly is crucial, but Im ready for the challenge, and encourage everyone to join the cause! You can follow Mena on Instagram at for more about her modelling, image-consulting and her upcoming brands.



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