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Michelle Poutu Reveals 5 Steps to Unlocking the Magic of your Mind



Everyone seems to be talking about mindfulness and taking the time to invest in yourself.

But how do you really make your mind work for you? How do you ‘invest’ in yourself, creating a lifestyle that promotes brain and body health? How do you go beyond awareness of calming down and acknowledging feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations in the present moment to making sustainable, long-lasting changes? 

Michelle Poutu believes that you are the “captain of your soul” and that we all experience struggles with learning new things and managing daily challenges. However, she also believes that solving these daily problems is surprisingly simple when you understand how to unlock your mind’s magic.

As a mindset and lifestyle coach, Michelle explains how mighty our mind is and that when you learn to tap into the power of your mind, you take control of how you show up for yourself every day. Our thoughts improve our overall intellect, cognitive performance, and mental and physical well-being. Harnessing these natural resources will give you power over your present, depth and context to your past, and anticipation for the future. How you understand and use your mind is predictive of how successful you will be.

We all think,feel, and choose in unique ways; we also define our own meaningful success. 

Mental self-care is integrally interwoven into a life of meaning which naturally evolves into success in our daily lives. What gets you up and out of bed in the morning and every morning to come – You can only be you, and who you are is brilliant, exciting, and inspiring. 

Indeed after many years of adversity and rising above the challenges put before Michelle, she has learned to embrace the power of the mind, and to this day, she is still taken aback by how potent the mind is; 

  • Learn effectively
  • Change circumstances
  • Increase creativity
  • Improve memory and its functionality 
  • Experience intellectual satisfaction
  • Increase emotional control

Whether you are at school and can’t learn how to learn, whether you are in corporate life and need to improve your memory and performance, whether you are a stay at home or working, juggling professional and personal functioning, you need to learn how to master the art of your mindset, after all, we are all thinking and learning beings.

Mindsets contain the power, and customized thinking activates this power – when you think about a Cheetah, its defense is its speed when you think about an Elephant. However, its defense is its size when you think about a human – what our defense is? Michelle states that a human’s best defense is our brain.

So if our brain is our best defense – we must view it as the control panel and our mindset as the driver – Unlocking the magic of the mind requires a strong mind and body, and it is a daily consistent process of 5 key steps that will contribute to long term sustainable mindset change.

  1. Exercise -like all forms of exercise, walking encourages your brain to release positive endorphins – a neurochemical that boosts mental health – Michelle’s top tip is to walk before breakfast every day. Your brain is at its most open first thing in the morning; waking up and going for a walk sets you up for an open mindset and encourages areas of your brain to activate strategic thinking – thus initiating your prefrontal cortex into action mode.
  2. Feed your mind – Whilst physical exercise is recommended daily, so is a daily dose of positive personal development – what do you listen to whilst walking? – do you like silence and solitude, do you plug into music – well, here is food for thought – your brain is at its freshest first thing in the morning – its ability to receive and retain information is extremely high therefore making it the perfect time to plug into motivational tutorials or mindset shift audios.
  3. You think what you eat – What makes up our food determines how well our brain can carry out its duties — aka helping you think. Mental health affects your ability to make rational decisions, function in everyday life, and form perceptions of the world. It’s important to clarify that “mental health” and “mindset” are not the same. A mindset is based on your own personal beliefs and dictates why you make certain choices. Mental health contributes to the ability to choose the first place, and food is an essential element in all of this – A well-fed clear-thinking brain will help you make the right choices.
  4. Supplement well – It is the position of the American Dietetic Association (ADA) that the best nutritional strategy for promoting optimal health and reducing the risk of chronic disease is to choose a variety of foods wisely – additionally, sadly, in today’s current climate, not all foods are as nutritional as we would like them to be so, therefore, introducing high-grade organic supplements into your diet will help some people meet their nutritional needs.
  5. Mindset Shift is a habit – Your mindset system affects everything in your life, from what you think and feel to how you act and react to the world around you – to achieve your goals, your mindset needs to match your aspirations; otherwise, it might be holding you back from getting where you want to be – change is never easy – but for things to change we need to change.

It takes 63 days to form a new habit; adopting the above key principles consistently will empower you to be a driver of your mindset rather than a prisoner.

Health and wellbeing play a critical role in our mindset. If we are persistent in being consciously aware of how our perceptions shape our thought process combined with daily habits that influence change, “ unlocking the magic of the mind’ is rather simple and achievable

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