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Michelle Vega Is An Epitome Of Resilience In The Realtor World



Michelle Vega, a realtor with a passion to help many to acquire their dream homes, shares how she grew her business at a very young age.

A house provides a sense of security, memories, belongingness, and identity. Michelle Vega aims to provide this experience to millions of people who are often misguided by the mind-numbing process that is involved in this. Hence, she visualized a dream of helping people who have just started venturing into the market for a humble abode, minorities who have pending legal formalities for buying a home, families with little savings, and people who need assistance with finance.

Michelle has ranked number #1 in production as a buyers agent for 2 years in a row, for Keller Williams (2017-2018). She is also the number 1 top team lender for her organization. Her passion and dynamic personality make her the epitome of hard work in the realtor business. She started at 21 and sold 130 houses in 2019. In 2020, she sold 230 homes with her team and is close to the milestone of selling 300 homes this year, extinguishing the struggles of many.

Dream To Benefit Many

The brand of Michelle birthed through the idea of helping people accomplish their dreams of owning their home and broadening their portfolio through this substantial investment. She handles things professionally but adds a homely touch while helping every client.

Coming from an immigrant family, she knows the struggles that go behind every action taken by those families. She wants to assist people who have dreams but do not have a road map to follow. Michelle instills awareness about the importance of leverage loans, smart long term real estate investments, and financial stability.

Fight Against Limiting Factors

As a passionate girl, Michelle started working young. At the age of 13, she was working with her grandmother. She helped manage the flower shop in New Jersey. In high-school, she was ferociously handling two part time jobs along with her studies.

She gave several interviews for the sales position in various companies at 18 years of age. However, she was rejected the norms of being too young. People were not confident in how an 18 year old could help them make big financial decisions. However, she crushed all those career limiting factors, and gave a company the best sales number at the age of 21.

Tackling It Through Resilience

Michelle has a resilient personality. If she sets her mind onto a goal, she will tackle it until she has achieved it. Here success is not hinged by the norms of working at a younger or older age. She believes that if you have skills, age barely matters.

The reason why she has grown her brand so much is that she believes in living an unfiltered life. Be it on social media or in real life, her posts inspire many, and push them to break free from the chains of judgement and overthinking. To get some motivation to catch on with your life goals, visit her Instagram profile.

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