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Migration Hub Global Network uses NFT’s to organise & support Afghanistan

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The Migration Hub, which is comprised of government officials, humanitarian assistance workers, impacted individuals, and volunteers, is now registering at-risk Afghans using NFTs in collaboration with partners such as the U.S. government.

The Migration Hub generally utilises NFTs to register displaced individuals all around the world based on four types of reasons for relocation: emotional, economical, political, and cultural reasons for migration.

The United Nations Refugee Agency estimates that half a million people in Afghanistan are in desperate need of food, water, shelter, and other essential necessities.

Jack Butcher, creator of Visualize Value, sought out NFTs as a way to help people in need by establishing “Care Package”.

While we are once again witnessing the rise of conflict throughout Afghanistan, Jack Butcher’s initiative to use NFTs as a way to help people seems like a breath of fresh air.

Creator of Visualize Value, Jack Butcher, sought out NFTs as a way to help people in need by establishing “Care Package’’ on his company’s website. 

Care Package is an NFT series of 1,000 pieces priced at 0.03 ETH which translates to $87 dollars. 

Each purchase covers one family’s emergency needs for one month.

In the official website post Butcher has reminded that as conflict escalates, around 393,000 newly displaced people from their homes are in desperate need of vital necessities such as water, food, shelter and other resources.

Butcher has also tweeted to encourage public support, saying,

“Each edition of this NFT covers one Afghan family’s emergency needs for a month.

If you can’t help financially, please consider a RT’’ Those who do not take part in cryptocurrency trading have the alternative option of donating with fiat on the Care.Org website.

Soon after Care Package was established it received immense support from the public. People were applauding a charitable cause, some even calling this the best innovative NFT project, bringing the crypto space and social action together.

Butcher shared that within first 30 minutes 38 1.06 ETH was raised, which is equivalent to

$3,385 dollars. Since the project received so much success, Butcher created additional packages of 10 available for 0.28 ETH. So far the project has managed to gather 33.824 ETH ($103,992) which was sent directly to CARE. Butcher is encouraging people to push for another 10K.

Care.Org Vice President Alejandra Villalobos, who also is crypto enthusiast, has tweeted that the humanitarian agency has received the emergency funds for lifesaving aid thanking Jack Butcher and the whole crypto community for their generous support.

Asked by people on Twitter ‘’what’s next?’’ Jack Butcher has responded,

“Some support for those working on getting fair crypto regulation passed”

Where Does the Money Go?

Butcher is diverting funds received by the Care Package program directly to Care.Org via The Giving Block. With each NFT purchase, funds are held in a smart contract and sent to a Care.Org ETH address.

CARE is a major international humanitarian agency, delivering emergency relief and long-term international development projects. CARE is also a nonsectarian, impartial, and non-governmental agency focused on fighting global poverty. In 2019, CARE reported working with hundreds of countries and helping over 92.3 million people directly and 433.3 million people indirectly with poverty-fighting and humanitarian projects.

On The Flipside

While the world is experiencing an explosion of popularity in NFTs, it is finally exciting to see some philanthropic work being done. 

We can only hope that NFT’s will continue to contribute to meaningful causes rather than being exploited by mainstream culture.

Some people, however, criticized Jack Butcher’s means of charity, it is important to note that donations could’ve been collected in a more sustainable way, avoiding the high gas fees paid for every transaction.

Essentially, Butcher is doing philanthropic work for a good cause. However, you can’t help but argue that personal agenda is involved. Recent news about Afghanistan is attracting mass attention, it could be possible that this donation process was constructed in a way to bring more traffic to his own website.

However this could go both ways; the more attention a person receives, the more attention the problem itself receives. After all, Care Package enables crypto to play a major role in how we look at charitable giving.

Why You Should Care?

As NFT sales have surged to a few billion in value this year alone, numbers are widely expected to increase. Thus, NFT’s are widely becoming a part of today’s culture.

Continuous innovation of technology, and the world, will continue to influence individuals. Thus, it only makes sense to deepen your knowledge around this field.

NFTs create new opportunities for everyone and, as we witnessed today, they can be used for philanthropic work and more.

Displaced persons across the world in the Migration Hub Community, who refer to themselves as “Streetstars,” are also creating artworks as NFTs to raise awareness for displaced persons in crisis tegions.

Artworks are sold at online and offline auctions organised by communities in the Migration Hub Global Network in order to collect funds for the support of the displaced and their families as noted above.

Projects of the Migration Hub are being coordinated by decentralised Migration Hub Communities around the world, bottom-up.

When it comes to temporary placement options as international relief efforts, Airbnb has given the biggest form of residential assistance to date to Migration Hub’s project refugeehost.com, providing 20.000 homes for displaced persons impacted by the Afghanistan crisis.

More placement options for displaced people and families are presently being introduced with Migration Hub partners.

“We were recently asked to engage in talks with the Taliban by European and American leaders in order to better understand what the Taliban would desire in order to restore peace in the region. 

This is a big task for a multi-governmental, – disciplinary group like us and we want to take it carefully.

Migration Hub Global Network’s Paula Schwarz points out.

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