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Mita Paulo on her Debut Book: Multiple Stories for Film and Television!



When you want to make it big in life, you need to be unique with what you are doing. But being unique alone doesn’t cut it, the uniqueness in your work must be backed by a sole purpose and relentless hard work to help you excel in whatever you desire. Mita Paulo is a person who does just that. Being a writer is challenging and the demand to constantly come up with engaging writings is off the roof for a writer like Paulo. But somehow, she seems to pull it off seamlessly.

About Mita Paulo:

Mita Paulo is from Ottawa, Canada, and has a very rare background for a writer, an Esthetician. The young writer started off by writing for films and televisions and is now all set to release her Debut Book, Multiple Stories for Film and Television.

What should you be expecting from this book?

There are a lot of things that make a good book, but nothing beats authenticity. Paulo claims that every story that has been written in the book is true. The plot and the storyline of the characters have been fabricated with all that you could ask for in a perfect novel. She is hopeful that this book is all set to make great waves in the reading community.

Where can you get a glimpse of the book?

Paulo loves to keep her audience updated and that is what she is doing with this book as well. Paulo releases small snippets or teasers of the book on her official Instagram page. The reception for these teasers so far have been really good. She believes to entice her audience with more such teasers to get them to know more about the book. Look out for the ones posted on her Instagram page – the first ones she plans to release first.


What kind of a reader is this book written to?

Paulo claims that whenever she writes a script for a film, series, or book, she believes in writing for a wider audience. She believes that everyone deserves the privilege of enjoying good writing. It is up to the writers that they make sure everyone is comfortable and at the same time enjoy reading the book.

Where can I get my copy?

The book is making sales through Amazon and you can grab your copy here. The book that was published on 28th Jan 2021 is making record-breaking sales and it definitely seems to be a read that shouldn’t be missed.

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