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Mother of Two Small Children, Cara Clyne, Focuses on Helping Other Entrepreneurs



Cara Clyne built a reputation based on her talent, hard work, and attention to detail. Her gorgeous, clean, textured bridal hairstyles made her a standout in the field. In fact, her work has been showcased in multiple fashion magazines, on the television show The Voice Australia, as well as during Fashion Week in both Sydney and New York. 

As a child, at the age of 10, Cara moved with her family to Australia. The idea of blending into a new environment while having to learn English was a challenge. She was often teased at school which left her feeling uncomfortable. It was this difficult period that drove her, as she was determined to make something of herself. Today, that drive has paid off.

Having found success and exposure in the bridal hairstyle field, many people in the industry hoped to train with her. In the beginning, she only did 1 on 1 training in person, because she felt it was the best way to transfer her skills and teach somebody. Only, more and more people kept requesting the opportunity to train with her.

When the idea came to create a platform and learning experience online, she wasn’t sure if she could pull it off. She wanted to not only teach her students the bridal hairstyles she was known for, but also the business side of the industry. 

Her goal was to help others be successful enough that they didn’t have to live at work and not have time for their families. The family has always been a priority in Cara’s life. She wanted to show other stylists that there can be a healthy balance between work and family. She’s been able to do it with two small children under the age of 2, and she wants to help her students thrive as well.



Getting started, there was so much to learn. Financially, it would cost a fortune to film things in the high-quality production she wanted, along with setting everything up, such as gathering the right hair models, making sure the lighting was correct, learning how to set up an online course…

It felt insurmountable at times, but with determination, she pushed through. Today, because of her perseverance, Hair Boss University teaches hundreds of students around the world. The best part is that she doesn’t just teach other stylists how to create different bridal styles, she also teaches her students the business side of being a bridal hairstylist,

Hair Boss University helps accelerate stylists in their careers by years, as she shares hard-won knowledge with her students. She realized there was a gap in the industry when it came to the business spectrum of the bridal hairstyle industry, and today she’s filling that gap. Her students are thrilled with their results and the opportunity to train directly with Cara. 

If you’d like to learn more about Cara’s Hair Boss University, you can find her at or 

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