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Mystery Box Company Hybe Sees Success With Gamified Shopping



It’s no secret that the pandemic has led to thousands of businesses closing their doors. Retail stores have been bearing the brunt of the shuttering that has been occurring since 2020, and continues to this day. Not only that, but normally eager shoppers are still stuck indoors, and typical online shopping destinations are anything but social. These worldwide restrictions have coincided with the rise of gamified and social shopping – online destinations that provide customers with more than just a checkout line. Mystery box company Hybe is leading the charge towards what could be the future of online shopping.

Hybe curates mystery boxes, which are filled with fashion, footwear and tech products, usually high-end. Shoppers pay a flat price to open the box of their choice, at which point they can go ahead and unbox it. The catch? Customers don’t know what they’re getting.

The model used by Hybe falls under gamified and social shopping. Gamified shopping is any form of shopping that provides customers with a way to purchase goods without simply selecting an item, adding it to their cart, and paying for it. And social shopping is exactly that – a shopping experience that gives people the chance to connect, communicate and share. Think Facebook and Instagram’s “Shop” sections. As you can imagine, this kind of shopping is explosively popular with Millennials and Gen Z, who are looking for a more interactive, community-focused experience.

Hybe allows people to access luxury brands for less. By sourcing their products through trusted third-party suppliers like StockX and GOAT, all Hybe mystery boxes are covered by an authenticity guarantee, which means shoppers know they’re always getting genuine luxury goods. Hybe also boasts Value Guarantee, which ensures that all items in every box are always at least the same price as the box itself. In other words, when a shopper buys a $20 mystery box, they’re guaranteed to receive an item worth $20 – and often much more.

The savings can be staggering – up to 95% off MSRP, depending on the box you open and the product you receive. The appeal is obvious, and one of the reasons behind the meteoric popularity of mystery boxes. For Hybe, fairness is also paramount, which is why users can independently verify the outcome of their unboxing, while “drop rates” show the exact likelihood of unboxing a given item in a mystery box.

This is how Hybe is building a platform for the future. Mystery boxes aren’t going anywhere, but Hybe isn’t stopping there. With a broad range of boxes, gamified features like challenges and leaderboards, and integrated social and community features on the horizon, Hybe is positioning itself as a true disruptor in e-commerce. The end result is a shopping mall experience at home – a platform where people can shop, have fun, connect and compete, all in one place. Hybe is bringing gamified and social features to online shopping, shaking up the retail landscape and raising standards across the board. It’s no wonder that it’s the leading mystery box brand in the industry.

Hybe offers a free mystery box for all new members, so if you want to try out gamified shopping without paying upfront, sign up for your account today.

Learn more about Hybe by going to the official website. You can also follow Hybe on Instagram @hybecom and Twitter @hybecom, or connect with them on Facebook and Discord.

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