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Nada Alshamsi talks about Huff & Puff’s meteoric rise as UAE’s favorite Burger Joint



If there was ever a globally loved food, it’s a burger. You can dress the versatile food up or down by using a wide array of patties, cheeses, toppings, breads, and condiments. The common thread is that better ingredients make a better burger. This is the mindset of Huff & Puff, which has become the preferred burger joint in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Nada Alshami established the concept for Huff & Puff in 2016 as a purely entrepreneurial venture. By starting off with one restaurant focused on premium quality, freshness, and creativity, the restaurant was an instant hit. Today there are seven locations across the UAE, one in Salalah-Oman, and one in Kuwait. Nada’s goal is to take her business global as it is trademarked in 165 countries.

A Unique Experience

Huff & Puff combines seasonal ingredients with modern and traditional styles of cooking. It sets itself apart by being an experience, not just a place to get a (great) meal. There is a great sense of harmony in the restaurants as the slogan, we speak burger, is truly universal. The menu features mouthwatering options like cheese-stuffed burgers, shrimp Frankfurt rolls, chicken sandwiches, a variety of fries, and coming soon, a veggie burger.

Giving Back To The Community

It is no wonder Huff & Puff has become the burger destination in the UAE. And thanks to her philanthropy, Nada makes sure that those who cannot afford to dine in her restaurants can still enjoy the food. As a part of the “Year of Giving”, Huff & Puff is donating 100 meals a month for an entire year to the poor and needy. This is Nada’s way of giving back to the community that has made her business a tremendous success.

Rising Above The Odds

Huff & Puff has also had its share of obstacles. A café concept turned out to be a failure and was closed after just one year. Like countless other businesses, this one was affected by COVID-19 as the restaurants had to close for three months. Thanks to active social media accounts, especially Instagram and Snapchat, paired up with Nada’s tenacious mindset, Huff & Puff has not only survived but is going stronger than ever.

Nada has created a unique culinary experience that made a huge impact in a crowded market.  By refusing to give up when things get tough and encouraging the people around her, this innovator has given burger lovers around the world a new “must-try” stop on the global food trail.

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